Monday, February 2, 2015

19 Lessons this week...

Aloha once again,

Well life is chugging along here on the island of Molokai. This week was a bit slower than last week. We had 33 lessons last week, but 19 this week. Not that 19 is bad, but it was definitely a noticeable slow down. Part of the reason was that Elder Egbert was sick the last part of last week coming into this week, and then I got sick at the beginning of this week. It was mostly just intense allergies and a little fever, but now I'm feeling better.  I just have a little cough left. Then another reason for the slowing was the Makahiki festival.

I guess most islands used to have this Makahiki festival, but it slowed down to nonexistence on the other islands. Molokai is the only island left that celebrates it. Once a year the island comes together for competitions against each other. There are things like arm wrestling, tug of war, races, and all different events (all of course with their Hawaiian names). The festival was all day Saturday, and the whole island was there, so we wouldn't be able to visit anyone else during that time. We went for a bit. The only event we got to see was the huki huki, or the tug o war. The games are mostly between all the elementary school kids. They do have the older kids divisions, but most people are just excited to see the little kids go at it. We stayed for lunch, and of course everyone wanted to feed us. I ate some great Korean chicken with lilikoi lemonade. They had entertainers there providing music. The Tonga Sisters from Laie came too - it was great to see them performt some music. Lots of the people liked the little girls singing.

We spent some time doing service this week. We helped out on one of our investigators lawns and then with some members places too. I feel pretty local doing weed wacking in shorts and slippers. haha Well everyone asks me if I'm from here. They think I'm local. They're usually pretty surprised to find out that I'm not.... oh well...

Teaching went well with Minky, our investigator that committed to baptism. We went over there and her daughter was in town from Maui. She said she had had missionary lessons before and went to church and that she wanted to be baptized...... sooooooo of course we invited them all to come to church to prepare for baptism coming up. The goal was to have the baptism on February 21st, but I don't know if that can happen anymore. They didn't show up at church Sunday, so we'll see about that next time we see 'em....

Most people cancelled their appointments though this week.  Bummer!

We had our zone meeting on Tuesday. We got together in our little room and skyped with the missionaries on Maui. The training was all about how to foster a Celestial culture in this mission. They compared how the mission has changed since President Warner got here and to how it is now. Our zone conference is going to be this Thursday, so we're hopping on the ferry on Wednesday night coming back Thursday night. That'll be fun... Molokai missionaries have been asked to do the musical number at the zone conference, so I basically have taken charge with that one.... haha

I was trying to share a scripture with some people, but then my allergies started coming on. I think they thought I was getting emotional..... but yeah I think they thought that was funny. 

Last Monday we went out to to the Kalaupapa look out. We are scheduled to go down to Kalaupapa on the 16th. Should be good. We'll see if we can do another musical fireside down there for the patients.  Today we went over to a museum up in Kala'e. It was all about Kalaupapa and this family that has been here on the island since the 1800s. Next Monday we are planning on going out with one of the members to take us pig hunting. Trekking though the mountains..... I'll take some pictures. :)

More to come next week. Much aloha!

Elder Nitta

Elder Nitta and Pikachu
Who dares to smile after hiking Kalaupapa all day?

The Huki Huki at the Makahiki Festival in Molokai

Shops at the Makahiki Festival in Molokai

Our view at Kalaupapa Lookout, Molokai

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