Monday, January 26, 2015

Perhaps a Baptism before I leave?

Well I feel like I don't even know what to talk about...

I guess a lot of stuff happens in a week. We have a decent amount of people that are progressing towards baptism. There are a pair of sisters, Barbara and Ala that are coming along. They both need to get married before baptism, and there are some word of wisdom issues, but we have set goals with  them  They want to progress and learn more, so that's great. One of the girls (Barbara) is supposed to quit smoking by Feb 22nd. We set a daily allotment of cigarettes with her and she should be off by then. 

Another girl, Wailani, (the girlfriend of a member) has a great desire to get married and get baptized. When we met with the couple last, we told them to pray about a date to get married. If they don't come up with a date by the next time we see them, we're going to give them a day to pray about it. It's great when you see them want to progress. Their little boy (about 3 years old)  has a dirt bike that has training wheels attached on it. He rides around the yard so fast on the thing.  I was reminded of Trevor McDonough and his stunts.  They both have no fear.

I think I mentioned Minky last week. She has been going through some difficult things. We had dinner with her at one of the members homes yesterday. We taught the restoration and committed her to be baptized. She accepted for the date of Feb 21st, the last Saturday I'll here on my Mission. Sad Face.

We are also trying to plan a musical fireside for the 22nd of February. I'm putting it together with all the performers and getting all the music down. We are going to try to have a community choir sing in it, the young men and women in the ward, and maybe the primary. We missionaries are going to do a song too. I still have to make some assignments, but I think it will turn out well. After church we practiced with the youth. It was great to see how many showed up.

The island has a weekly basketball get-together at the church on Saturday night. I definitely struggle with basketball, but I had fun with it. Some of the group was getting real competitive.  Getting a little exercise for the night in is always good. 

We go over to the east end of the island around once a week. It takes a while to get out to some of the people, but we try to make sure they still know we care about them. Crazy how some people want to go live out in the boonies.... Some barely have a house. But I guess most of the people here don't like to be surrounded by people like in Honolulu. 

On Wednesday the youth did a service project. They were giving car washes to anyone that passed by that wanted one. We kinda helped out..... not really. haha We just let the youth do their thing while we talked with some of the members. 

We are going to try to do more service for the people in the area. Try to go out in the mornings and cut people's lawns with weed wackers. We went and did 2 people's places this last week. Hopefully we can gain some trust with the members, and investigators this way. Another service we did was helping out with an imu. We were trying to go visit one of the less actives in the ward, but they were preparing for a party that night, making squid luau. They told us to come and help with uncovering the pig, so we did. I think they weren't expecting us to come back. We got a little dirty, but I think it went well in the end. They invited us to come to the party and have food but sadly we couldn't go. 

I got to see Kama Kiaha finally. We were about to head out and leave church, but we caught him outside. He said he would give you a call. He's planning on getting married coming up soon. He's living somewhere on Maui. It was awesome finally getting to catch up with him, and to see how things are going. He's going to be around, so I'll see him at least a little more.

Sorry I feel like I'm getting worse at emailing.  I think it's the thought that I can just tell you in  person coming up soon. But I'll try to make it worth reading. Our dinner is out west tonight, so we are going to try to go look off the northern cliffs out towards Kalaupapa. Fun stuff to come. :)

Lots of love, 

Elder Nitta

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