Monday, January 5, 2015

And the work moves forward

Well this week has had lots of stuff going on...

Lawrence is still progressing well towards baptism. He wanted to be baptized before me or Elder Dyer left the area (more on that later). So we are planning the baptism on either Sunday or Tuesday of this next week. If it's on Tuesday, then we can invite all the new missionaries coming into the mission that night to attend as well. Though we had to get permission from President Warner before we did that, because he will have only been able to come to church twice before then. So we called President up last night, and he said it's a go. 

One of our Filipino investigators said something interesting. She asked us to bring a Tagalog speaking person with us so her mother could participate in the lessons. I honestly didn't think she was that serious about the lessons, but when she said that, it made me rethink how committed she was. She wants us to help out so this is the least we can do right?

In our recent district meeting, Elder Dyer had these things called 'miracle berries.'  If you let them disolve on your tongue, they're supposed to go from sour to sweet. So we got lots of these candies and tried it. It worked for some people, but I didn't taste anything different, but I didn't mind cause I like the sour stuff..... :) 

On Wednesday we got to meet with another family just starting to come back to church. They have an eight year old too..... sooooo we're going to be starting lessons with him. Though it's going to be considered a convert baptism apparently. His mom isn't a member, the dad isn't 'his' dad, and they aren't married yet. So it's like baptizing an eight year old in a non member family. But that'll go through for sure. We just need to teach. It'll probably happen within a couple months. 

Missionaries in our area stopped proselyting at 4 pm on on New Year's eve. We got together as a zone and the mission president approved the movie Frozen to be watched, that movie that came out forever ago and everybody was singing that 'let it go' song. haha So I was able to finally know where that song comes from instead of just other people singing it to me. After that we had a short testimony meeting as a zone, and then headed home. We were allowed to stay up till midnight, which I did. But nothing was that exciting, so as soon as the clock hit 12, I was saying my nightly prayer and going to bed. 

January first was also a day off. So Elder Dyer and I went up to another elders apartment to play ping- pong and sew some ties. 

We met with another one of our eternal investigators here this last week and had a good experience. Apparently she had never heard the whole Joseph Smith story and she was amazed by it. So we challenged her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She still hasn't come to church, but we hope that's gonna be soon. 

Saturday we had a decent amount of appointments. We helped a woman move in the morning. She was cursing up a storm about some ex that is trying to make her life miserable. It was just kinda funny. Then we had another lesson with a recent convert family. The Elders in the Waipahu 2nd ward asked if we could come to their baptism that day and play the piano for them. Though, that chapel locks down hymn books like they're gold.  There wasn't a hymn book in sight so we had to play by memory. I am reminded several times of how blessed I was by Sister Purcell to have played all those hymns for forever, and now could just remember the notes to play. Dinner was with the Bishop. He and another family made lasagna for us. I think I ate too much though because the scale said I was a few pounds heavier. I'm at 155 or 160 now. Though I used to be 20 pounds lighter when I was in shape.... haha oh well. 

On Sunday we had some good lessons too. Church begins at 8 in the morning. I was surprised at how many people showed up. We had to open the back up for more seating. We got about 5 minutes notice that we would be teaching gospel principles, but it all went well. Lawrence came to church and it seemed like he found a lot of boys in the ward to fellowship with. We had a lesson after church too. We've basically gone through everything with him. He's doing great though. At one lesson he mentioned that he was even thinking about going on a mission himself. That would be pretty awesome. Before dinner, we went to try to visit this one lady in the ward. She wasn't there but a sister (I think) of hers came out and started talking with us. We had like 15 minutes until our dinner appointment, so we weren't too worried. But she just kept on going and going about Catholicism this and that. I honestly thought that some of the things she was saying was different and weird (like worshipping the ground where Jesus walked and praying to Mary to get to Jesus) But we just let her talk . At 6:05 I just said well, we have to go. I then did what I thought would be a nice jester, and offered her an extra book of scripture, but then THAT turned the conversation around - and all she had to say after that was negative things about the church and the Book of Mormon. I asked if she even knew what the book was about, which she said she did, and then started talking about John Smith this and that (so no, she didn't know anything about it). At about 6:15 I decided that this lady wasn't going to listen so I was kinda abrupt when I told her, we had a dinner appointment, and had to rush off.  I told her that I've studied and prayed about this and I KNOW it's true. She gave us a hug and I think I heard her say 'soften your hearts' as we were leaving.  We were nice and not aggressive about anything she said. Soooooo I kinda went to dinner a little angry and a little late. The dinner was good! It was with the family that let us skype on Christmas at their house. We had breakfast for dinner so it made me happier. They want Elder Dyer and I to do some musical thing for them before we leave the area.

That night was when we called President about getting permission to do the baptism for Lawrence this next week. After he said that we could do it, he quite suddenly told me what's going on next transfer with me. Basically I'll be heading to Kaunakakai!  (I'll let you look that one up and find where it is.) Needless to say I'm pretty excited for this last transfer. President told me I'll be with an Elder Egbert? I'll have to ask him about any family back in Vegas!

Well I hope to make this last week and a half in Ewa (Evah) a good one. I hope and pray that I'll finish out here with Lawrence's baptism. Much aloha!

Elder Nitta

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