Friday, December 12, 2014

Missionaries were aknowledged for the Service rendered on the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor

Aloha again!

Well this week has been filled with lots and lots of things going on. Tuesday we met with a family that we've been trying to get with for the whole time I've been here! We found out that the son is not a member, and he said he wants to get baptized before he leaves for college! (He's a senior this year.) So we set up some of that. The mom is super on board with getting him baptized. He has been carrying around a Book of Mormon in his backpack all over school long before we met with him. Dinner that night was pretty awesome. We had some Mexican food. Hawaiians do not have good Mexican food... haha but it was awesome. I think I ate 6 tacos (all stuffed with everything I could fit into it)! Yum!

Wednesday was the day of transfers. Side note: President told me about a month or so ago, that he would want me to train for my last two transfers. So I was a bit confused when I didn't get a training packet. I talked to him and he said he completely forgot about that, but that he will make sure that happens next transfer. I'll only be with the new Missionary for a transfer, but I'm excited. But this Wednesday was busy. We had to go to the transfer because we were inheriting the sister's car! President moved our Sisters out of the area, so we now cover the whole Ward boundaries solo. Still not that big though.... haha but it's nice having a car now. It's a lot better not having to depend on people for rides. That night we met with a family we were trying to meet with the whole last transfer as well. We finally got to talk and have a lesson and it went super great. The mom is real interested in baptism and we set a date for January 3rd. There were 5 other girls there that could be baptized too, so we invited them to go along as well. Only 2 of the girls were the ladies children, and the mom said that she will help them move along with baptism as well, but it's super awesome seeing them want to progress. They've gone through a lot of tough times recently, so it should help them enormously. 

Thrusday was an average day. We did meet with a couple of the families the Sister Missionaries left for us. One of them has a child that could get baptized soon too. We didn't set a specific date, but the mom said that she's going to get baptized. Should be exciting.

Friday was super awesome. We got to be a part of the ceremony honoring all the service that Missionaries have done on the USS Missouri. We got there at 7:30 to head over to the boat. There were lots of people taking pictures and they said we would probably be in the church news. Look out for that. Elder Johnson of the Seventy came to accept the award in place of President Monson. (The first of four seventies I met this week....) That day was pretty fun.  Centennial was right there and I actually talked wit a kid this week that knows Centennial for the ROTC program. He said his last school didn't like Centennial because they always won the Navy Nationals Competition. haha We left around noon, met up at the Stake Center to practice a song for Sunday. We sang 'Come Unto Christ' - we sang it before at the musical fireside, but we had to fill in people that weren't going to be there. Went well though. We did some service after that and pulled weeds. I don't like huge thorny plants....yeah I got some stickers and stuff in me. :P 

Saturday morning we went and visited a less active member in the Ward. When we got there, we were greeted by his parents. They had flown over from Hong Kong because the member (their son) had been having some serious medical problems that week. He is doing much better now. But we asked if the parents were members and he responded, "oh yes, I'm the Area Seventy for part of Asia." (Elder Pon) I was kinda taken aback. But we had a little laugh at my expense. We all shook hands and had fun talking  together. 

Sunday we had our Stake Conference. We got there early. About a month ago, a member of the Stake Presidency asked if I could play the organ for a testimony meeting happening before the main conference. When we got there, a Sister said that she had been asked to play so with much relief, I let her. The testimony meeting was awesome. All of the recent converts shared how they were introduced to the Gospel. One man shared how after years of waiting to join the Church, he finally did and now his son is leaving for a mission in 3 months! The conference was presided over by Elder Higam (another seventy). It went pretty well. Sad that I honestly don't remember much of that one. Most of my memory is taken up by the mission tour we had that night. We headed up to Mililani around 4 or so to get up to that Stake Center early to practice the musical number we were asked to perform. That's where our Zone sang 'Come Unto Christ.'  Elder Johnson (the seventy that went to Pearl Harbor) presided over that meeting. We sang our musical number and it was great! The training we received was all about how the members can get more involved with the Missionary work. All the Missionaries on the island were there - plus all of the island's Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders (and a few other leaders), plus Stake Leaders. It went great. It seemed like the members that were there from our Ward want to help the work move along a lot more. Elder Johnson had us all split up into the Wards where we were, and had the Missionaries for the Ward teach a principle. After the principle was taught, we asked the members what names came to mind. It was done in such a way that all the members were excited to give out names. So we are hopefully going to implement that into our Ward. Elder Auna was there as well, the area seventy for Hawaii. It was a spiritually-fun night, andwe didn't get home till around 9:30!

This morning we participated in yoga again. We have a new Zone Leader that came and he was having a little difficulty, it was fun. We tried to go fishing just off the water, but the fishing lines broke after the first throw into the water..... haha but it's all great. And now I'm emailing. We should be having another musical fireside this next Sunday the 21st. More to come on that....

I should be flying home the night of Thursday, February 26th. I will arrive on the morning of Friday the 27th. I don't know if I've ever told you all the things they do with departing Missionaries here in Hawaii. Right after the transfer meeting on Wednesday, the departing Missionaries go to the swap meet over in Aiea. Then they go do a Temple session in La'ie. That night they go to the PCC to watch the night show. Thursday morning they have a testimony meeting and the they tour Pearl Harbor that afternoon. That night they fly home. So that's why Missionaries don't fly home on Wednesday. I guess we got things to do

Well love ya lots. Choke mahalos!

Elder Nitta

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