Monday, November 24, 2014

My life as a Missionary in Hawaii

Aloha from the Islands!

Mission life has been going well. I must admit I've been under a bit of pressure the past two days because we have been working on a song to sing for the upcoming musical fireside: 'Come See the Light.'  I wrote out a part for the choir to sing, but it may be too difficult for some of them. There are about 5 people in the zone that read music, and 4 out of the 5 are going to be playing some other instrument. So sadly, the choir part may not come through. Maybe it'll be on the organ... but we'll see. I just hope it turns out well enough to bring the spirit to all who attend. 

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting, but afterwards we were invited by Francis Forsythe (Uncle Gene's friend that lives here)to go and have lunch. He took us (our District) to a Japanese buffet. Sister Yasufuku (from Japan) had a fun time eating all the food that reminded her of her home. Her companion might have had a hard time with most of the food, but she was a good sport about it all.. 

Monday evening we were asked to go to Pearl Harbor on Wednesday. We were asked to  sweep around the ship, cleaning up all the dust that accumulates. I think next week, a member of the seventy representing President Monson, is coming to Hawaii to receive a plaque in recognition of the service Missionaries have done on the ship. Missionaries go there every week and do service for the ship, so there's been a lot of service done there. 

On our 'P' day's we are invited by Sister Kauihou to a yoga class at sunrise at 6:00 in the morning, as the sun comes up. The wind was blowing all the mats around, but it was awesome to see the sun come up over Diamond Head. This class was a lot easier - a lot less strenuous at the other ones I've attended. At this morning's class, another set of Elders came with us for their first time.  It was interesting seeing them their first time, versus the few times we have been. Just in the 5 times I've gone now, I can tell that I've been getting better (more flexible, better balance, etc). 

Wednesday was also our day of exchanges. I was in the Ewa 1st Ward area with Elder Bergman. We got back from Pearl Harbor and then went to do service for another family. By the time we were done it was 5 pm, so we went home and showered before heading to dinner. The family was fun to talk to. The wife had graduated from BYU in violin performance, so we got to talk a bit about that. Then afterwards, we met a family where the father served his mission in East Las Vegas. He said the West side is the 'apostate side'.... I kinda laughed at that....

Thursday was just another day momma. Special because it was my 21st birthday, but just another day as far as Missionary work goes. We met with some people to teach a few lessons. That night we went to a family whose wife's sister is from the big island where I was serving before. It was fun seeing her. She is visiting for the rest of this week before she goes back. We did meet with another guy earlier that day and it came out that it was my birthday, so he got excited and said that we should go out and drink some mountain dew. haha NOT.  And yes, I did get the packages you and G'ma sent. Much mahalos for the love you shower me with. The sushi-tie is super fun! At dinner, the Sisters had arrived before Elder Dyer and me. When we knocked, the Sisters came to the door and told us to wait five minutes and closed the door. A minute later we hear a balloon pop. Turn out they were decorating.  The dinner was a super good meatloaf. They had a little dessert cake with candles on it. The Sisters also got some treats and things they heard that I liked. They knew that I like sour candies and then they got some M&M's with pretzels in them. They persuaded most of the Zone to write a little birthday note to me too. I felt pretty spoiled. 

Friday was another day. Some lessons on doorsteps, but not too many that we actually sat down with....

Saturday we had lunch with a family in the ward. They made some gyozu (the potstickers), some musubi's, and tortalini pasta. One of the people we visit with asked if we could come over and help set up a shed, but when we got there, he had it basically all set up. We just placed 2 screws in the metal... oh well.

Sunday went well with Church. Most spoke about gratitude - I never tire of that subject as it is well within my soul. The Ward Council volunteered us to sing during Sacrament, a song called 'Who at the Door is Standing.'  I will be forever amazed at how the polynesians sing so well without reading a single note of music.

This week should be fun with Thanksgiving. We are helping out the Kauihou family (probably just watching them work actually) with setting up an imu (pit) in their back yard. They're going to be cooking some pig and turkey. Should be a fun day. 

I hope you're doing well, and keeping up with all the crazy things that happen at home and at work. Thanks for all the love you share.  I love you!

Elder Nitta

Birthday Balloons

Birthday Cake

Birthday Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice again

Momma sent me a sushi-tie!

The Sweeping 'Waipahu Wizards' on The MSS Missouri 

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Already?

Aloha again :P

This week has been getting a little better each day. It seems like it's going to be a slow process of getting the work up and going, but we've been able to set up a few more appointments for this coming week. Should be good.

Tuesday we had our Zone meeting. The trainings were good.  I've kinda figured out while I've been out here, that not a lot of people think in the way I do. Not that they're wrong or anything, but I guess I just go about things differently. Maybe it's good, maybe not, but it's just the way I do things. Altruism is what I want to be motivated by. At any rate we had a delicious dinner, which was lasagna (haven't had that is sooooooooo long)!

Wednesday we got to meet with a few families in our Ward. One of the people we set up an appointment with, didn't tell their family we were going to come by, so they were about ready to go to bed when we showed up at 7:30. But they let us in anyways. We also visited another family and they brought a nonmember friend over visiting from Kalihi (in Honolulu). We shared a lesson and committed her to read from the Book of Mormon. We asked to get her address, but she forgot to include which apartment number was hers within her building, so we'll see if the missionaries over there can figure it out. Dinner this night was pizza from Costco. 

Thursday we were invited to go ministering as a Ward. Thursday nights, our Bishopric and a few other leaders get together to go visit less actives. So we got there (late, of course....) and the Ward Mission Leader gave us a couple of names to go visit. We went and set up an appointment with one of them, but the other didn't answer.... oh well. Dinner  Thursday was some great spaghetti. 

Friday was a fun day. We got to teach one less active member (right next to where we live). But no one else wanted to meet with us Friday.... (well, no one answered their doors really....) haha but we were told to end our proslyting at 5. After that a member took us out to eat at Zippy's. It's a more high quality L&L. We should go there (hint). I love the Korean Chicken. We got together as a District after at the chapel to play games and stuff. Played some spoons mostly. 

On Saturday we met with another less active in the Ward. We have been mostly working with less actives since we've been here in the Ward).  He talked with us for a long while, but he has a great story. He needs some fellowship though. He's gone through a lot of things and it seems like some people in the Ward aren't really interested in being his friend. But that's okay, because we'll just fill in there. I enjoy getting to know people, especially when they trust me enough to tell me their life story and how they got to where they are. Dinner was all out Japanese (well mostly). We had sashimi, some beef marinated thing, different kinds of pickled cabbages, rice and some salad thrown in. It was real good. 

Sundays are usually the pretty tiring days. I was asked to play the organ in Sacrament again. (This morning one the of the members we saw commented on how she noticed I was using the foot pedals too). I played "I believe in Christ," "I Stand all amazed," and "Testimony." Not too hard of songs. To answer your question, I can't decide if I like the organ or piano better. They're so different. But maybe I'll learn more when I get back. The Sister Missionaries in the ward taught the gospel principles lesson. Dinner was pasta. Haha I don't know the name of the noddle.... but it was with the marinara sauce. 

We did another day of yoga this morning. I think I'm getting better. I can almost balance in a lot of the poses. haha. I've been trying to get the head stand down: kinda like a hand stand on your head.... But after we got flu shots (the mission asked us all to get them) and then we got shave ice as a district. I got strawberry, raspberry and melon flavors with ice cream at the bottom. 

I think I might gain weight while I'm in this area. We've been fed soooo much just in this short time. At least we're working off some of it when we bike, but I think I've kinda been stuffing myself too much...... hmmmmm I'm about at my starting weight. I think I was closer to 5 under that when I first got here. 

Elder Dyer was asked to be the district leader. He's been doing pretty well for being out just two transfers and being asked to do it. He's been great though - he's a good hard working missionary. Makes sure we get out and do things. 

Well hopefully this next week will be great. Lots of stories to talk about. But much aloha. (Aloha wau 'ia 'oe!)

Elder Nitta
Oh the joy of a sequestered Halloween

Yoga anyone?