Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oh the Rain!

The hurricane wasn't as bad as people originally had thought it would be here on the island of Oahu.
Hurricane Ana largely missed the islands.  If anything, Kauai was to be most affected.  Oahu did have rain - and a lot of it!  Our electricity was down Monday - hope mom didn't worry too much!
I transferred to Ewa Beach. It is in the South Western part of Oahu. Just the next zone over (Waipahu zone), and literally the area that borders the Makakilo zone. I'm in the Ewa Beach 2nd Ward.  And because I know how mom likes to stalk the areas I've been in - I'll give this one to her! The boundaries are West of Fort Weaver Road, North of the beautiful ocean, East of Barber's Point Golf Course (for you Uncle John) and South of the railroad that runs close to Renton Road. Ewa Beach 2nd Ward is a smaller ward, and even then the ward was just split in half. My area is North of Keaunui Road. This Ward just brought in 4 brand spankin' new Missionaries: Elder Dyer (from Bountiful, Utah) me, and then two sister missionaries: Sister Hodgson (from Northern California [apparently in Chelsea's mission]) and Sister Yasufuku (From Osaka Japan). Elder Dyer has been out on the mission for about 3 months. He was actually just on Molokai, and he knew the Kiaha family. But all four of us missionaries are basically starting from scratch trying to figure out where everybody is in this area. 
We have bikes again! Except, the bikes are locked up and we don't know the combo for them, so Elder Dyer and I have been just walking around the area. Some nice members saw us walking on the road and gave us umbrellas. (It started raining on Saturday morning and it went until this morning - an affect of the hurricane.) So now (Tuesday), we have clear skies. Though my shoes are still soaked, and legs are a little sore from our walking.
On Wednesday we had to stay with the Zone Leaders (they actually live in Ewa Beach 2nd Ward boundries) because the sisters had to stay at our place (Sunrise apartments on Hanapouli Circle). They were there because some other Elders were living in the place they had to move into  It took a while before we were able to move into our place, but it's going well now. We have been trying to visit a slew of members, less actives, and investigators since then. We found a list of everyone, and went and knocked on all of their doors. We've met with a few people, but most of the families on the are names still to be found. That first night we went to a baptism that was happening in the Ward - child of record that flew from New Zealand to get baptized by his grandpa here. We were able to meet some members there at the baptism.
This Ward is going to be great as far as being fed mom. Ewa Beach is a little nicer of an area, at least nicer than Waianae was.... haha. Last night at our dinner appointment we had some of the best chicken and rice I've had since I got here. We had some soup another night that was pretty awesome also. I don't even know how to describe what it was. :) We had dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's house too. Though he lives down on Pupu St. (Don't laugh!) which, if you look, is all the way down by the water. Elder Dyer and I had to walk through the (hurricane) rain. It took us about an hour to get there, so we were real soaked by the time we saw them. The pair of shoes I wore that night (Saturday) are still drying. We had some vegan pasta and salad (SUPER good too). We were going to walk back through the rain, but about a minute after we left, Brother Kauihou (the Ward Mission Leader) drove up and said he forgot we couldn't get a ride with the Sisters (Sister(s) Hodgson and Yasufuku have a car), so we got home a lot quicker. Yay!
Sunday was really busy. We arrived  at 8:00 and started a meeting with the PEC at 8:30, Ward Council at 9:00. Sacrament began at 10:30. There are a lot more members that attend here in Ewa!. I need to learn all their names.... that might take a while. After church, we had a correlation meeting with Brother Kauihou and he dropped us off back at our place. After dinner, we headed back out into the rain to visit some more people. We were able to meet with one person before we had to head down to dinner. That was a 45 minute walk. Thirty minutes later we were at our place. When we first got here, we were told that it never rains in Ewa Beach. Funny how it's rained more days than not so far....
This morning we went to the Kauihou's home again (thankfully some Elders gave us a ride) to do some yoga. Sister Kauihou teaches classes in a studio in the back of her home. So this morning was filled with lots of sweat and hard-to-hold body positions!  She invited us to come again, so maybe next week we will do this Yoga stuff again.
Right now I'm emailing down in Ewa. Life is good. Still got lots to do. I think we have dinner with the Bishop tonight. Another far walk ahead
Goal for next PDay = Not to concentrate on how much I am walking!
Love ya lots. Have a great week!
Elder Nitta

No matter what the weather, I can always eat these!

Ward dinner - Elder Dyer, my companion.

Walking in the rain

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