Monday, October 13, 2014

Aloha Again!

Aloha again!

I did receive news that I'm leaving, but I have no idea where to. They just told me to pack my bags and get ready. I tried to start a little last night. I think most of the packing is going to be on Tuesday night though. It always ends up that way....

It's started to cool down here too.  It's gone from 80s and 90s to 70s and 80s. But it has been raining more so. The mountains that used to be brown and ugly, are now a very pretty green. There have been a couple days where it just starts to pour outside. It's then that I'm happy I'm in a car now. Though I don't know about the next area... keep hope alive?

This week has been going by pretty much the same as others. Though I was trying to use the excuse that I'm leaving to make people come to church, not too many came though :(  I guess I hope they remember and miss me. :P

We were able to meet with a couple investigators we haven't seen in a while. We told basically all of them to look up conference.  I hope they do.  It was so great!  We met with Keoki and showed him how to do all the Sacrament Blessings this week, buuuuuuut he got sick and couldn't come to church.

We had dinner with one of the recent convert families. The four year old boy was pretty hilarious as always. Running around telling us to be zombies then robots then superheroes and everything else. We had a macaroni-lasagna with bacon on top. Pretty good stuff :)

Honestly, I can't really remember that much of what we've done this last week. Time just kinda flies by a lot of times... Sorry that this email probably doesn't have much detail...

This morning was pretty fun. We got together as a zone with slingshots and had a little paintball battle. We went up into Makaha Valley, up in the trees to not hit other things. I got hit a couple times. Pretty fun though. I didn't think to bring actual shoes (I wore sandals) so I got a couple blisters on my feet now. No one got hurt beyond some little bruises, but that was to be expected.

Well I'm sure there will be lots to talk about next week. Sorry there's not really much to say this week. But love ya lots!

Elder Nitta 

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