Monday, September 1, 2014

Zoo's in Hawaii

Well this week has been a fun and kinda busy one.

Sooooooo right now I'm in a tripanionship with Elder Nielsen and Elder Baker. I was with Elder Caldwell for the week though. He got here on Wednesday. Elder Caldwell had been out for about 3 months, from Utah, but some medical stiff came up and he had to leave, so I got put with the elders in the next area over. Elder Baker has been out for maybe 2 months, from Washington. Elder Nielsen has been out for almost 9 or 10 months now, from Detroit. So fro the time being, we'll be working in both the Waianae ward and the Makaha ward. Should be fun just coordinating all the appointments together. And hey that means I'm not going to be on bikes anymore! haha yay

Well the boy from the ward is still missing. He's been gone for about months now. We just try to encourage the sister to keep going, not give up. 

Yep, there are zoos in Hawaii. Some elders were making jokes that all the animals there were caught locally. but tis not so haha. There were linos and elephants and giraffes and zebras, along with the few native animals like the nene bird. After we got malasadas so it was pretty worth it. I got a cinnamon one and a pineapple filling one. 

I think the baptisms at the temple went well. They had about 200 names from just the ward to do, so they didn't use any names previously submitted. Hope that trend can still continue. The temples are starting to struggle to find names to use. 

The talk in zone conference went well. I honestly put about  minutes of preparation into my thoughts I would say. But yes missionaries do get lots of practice just making things up on the spot and teaching. Can't say how many times I've told people that we came with a lesson prepared for them..... oh well is that such a bad thing to lie about? haha

Well that family of 10 people we haven't been able to see since they ran into us at first. But hopefully we'll be able to find em again and help them progress in the gospel.

Most people in Hawaii are Christians, though most of them don't go to church. I guess Catholicism would be the most popular. Decent amount of Jehovah's Witnesses too. Protestants were the first to move here and try to spread their beliefs around. So getting people to come to church is probably the hardest step for people to take. Though I bet that is a trend most anywhere in the world. 

Well I was a district leader while I was on the Big Island, so probably 6 or so months ago. I was one of the zone leaders in the MTC, but that doesn't mean anything. Nobody really knew what they were doing in the MTC. Haha but it is weird to think that all the sisters I came out with are now osi ngaue (all pau, the work is done, finished, done for, etc). I think it will be cool to have the mission reunions and stuff with all the people I've ever served with. 

So we were told to expect iPads coming sometime in October. Or at least that's the earliest we can get them, but the latest would be in December. I think the church's goal is to have all the missions in north america and Japan have them before the end of the year. President said that we would probably get training on them some time this month. 

We did help that member move some more furniture this week. We had to fit a big couch into an elevator. Kinda hard to do.... haha but it was alright. Though the apartment security people are super tight on how you move things so we had to put up pads and stuff in the elevator, we had to show all our id stuff so they could even let us in. There's actually a few places that are super hard on security and rules and stuff on their property that we don't really go to unless a member invites us in there.

We did make crepes too. Got some nutella. Made some cinnamon sugar to put on em too. Pretty good. Though milk is like 5-8 dollars a gallon here so we don't really do those kind of things very often.

Well that's about all the fun things that have happened this week. I'm sure that I'll have lots of things to say about Waianae ward this upcoming week. I should be good with clothing and stuff. Lots of love!

Elder Nitta

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