Monday, September 29, 2014

Rain will not stop us!

Aloha from a slightly more rainy Hawaii.

We didn't have a crazy rainstorm, but it has been raining a lot lately. It will sprinkle a couple times a week, maybe a little harder for a little bit. But that's the sign of the winter months coming. Definitely on the Big Island. 

This week has been a bit tiring. There was much to do in preparation for the baptisms this weekend. But more of that later. Tuesday we had a zone meeting. I played the organ in the chapel, just playing loud enough so they could hear in the high council room. Also, we went to Honolulu. Elder Baker had to get some packages for his diabetes stuff. Soooooo we get to be in the car for a couple extra hours haha. oh well. We got back around 3 or so, but still managed to get 4 lessons in that day. 

Wednesday we were blessed to get six lessons in. And all those with going to Pearl Harbor in the morning. They told us the day before that we were going. We got to paint more wood, some kind of boxes. Same thing as last time.... We didn't go on the Missouri ship. But after, the gentleman in charge took us to the other side of the memorial area and showed us another ship that was sunk. Apparently in this ship, the USS Utah, there are a couple hundred sailors that were stuck inside when it sunk. They were only able to save one person that was stuck in the ship before it sunk under water. 

Thursday, we met with some more families, only four lessons taught that day. But we did get to meet with our recent convert Keoki. He has lots of questions, so we ended up talking with him for a couple hours. Next week he is going to Bless the Sacrament. He told us that he wanted us to show him what to do. 

Friday was another six lesson day. We met with all three of the people getting baptized and did the interviews for them. Tried to get everything settled. ..

On Saturday, we got to the Chapel around 7:30 to start up the font. The baptism for Chaz started at nine. I gave a talk on baptism there. It ended on time, but they had lots of family and snacks after. Elder Baker and I got to play around with Kanekoa, the 4 year old nephew of Chaz. He was hilarious. First we were the bad guys, then he was, then he was a robot, then a zombie. Kind of exhausting too. We got done with that baptism around noon, so we ate lunch, went and taught one lesson, then we had to head back to the church to prep for baptism number two. Started up that font around 3:30ish. That one went well too. Lots of people from the ward plus family. Though it started about half an hour late. So we didn't officially begin until around 5. We did all the service and had enough time to grab a few snacks (it was basically a feast of food after that one) and head to dinner at 6. A family took us out to a Thai restaurant in Ma'ili. So I got some curry, not too spicy, but enough. I was kinda sad because I was trying to save the best part (all the chicken) for last, so I ate all the veggies first, but I was too full and I couldn't eat any of what was left after that. But it's sitting in a bowl in our fridge right now So I'll get to it later. Had a lesson with another family at 7. For the longest time, I felt as if that family didn't really want us coming by, but this last time, we asked what we could do to help her and her family, and she told us to keep coming by. So there's something going to happen there hopefully. This is that family that hasn't ever come to church because the mom had work on Sundays, but she got it off now and she knows that she needs to come to church. 

Sunday was tiring as usual. Confirmations happened during sacrament. Bishop for Waianae ward did the ones for the his ward and I did the one for Chaz. The whole Sunday was basically us running around trying to get all the information for the baptiwmal records. But it's all done now. I played the piano for Makaha ward. The usual wasn't there. Only one investigator came to church, but it was alright because of all that happened previous. Though while we were at church, the zone leaders texted us and told me that Uncle Gene was in Hawaii and he wanted to meet up with me. I called president, but he said no to that. So I just called and left a message on his phone saying that we weren't able to get together. Oh well haha. 

Today we went to Waipahu. Three of the zones (Waipahu, Honolulu and Makakilo) got together to watch the new movie that's coming out, "Meet the Mormons." It was a real great movie. Good message to it. I just hope that lots of people will go and watch it. I think that people will be a lot more open to missionaries if they see this movie. We went to Arby's for lunch (the only one is in that zone) and now we're here. 

Transfers are in two weeks, so We haven't gotten any news yet there. Just have to wait and see. If I stay true to the tradition of fallowing that other elder around the mission, I'll be heading to Honolulu. 

Yeah this week has just been tiring. I feel pretty exhausted now just writing. haha but I hope your week goes awesome. Don't kill yourself over work. Much love!

Elder Nitta

Ahh Captain Crunch w/marshmellows

Kamaile Mountain Top
The Esera Family Baptism

Keoki's Baptism
Baptism of Chaz
Every Sunset looks this beautiful

Poke (raw fish) rice and chocolate milk 
The dreaded "No Fun" sign

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