Monday, August 11, 2014

Starting to Grow

I feel that lately emails have been meaning more and more to me. I guess I'm grateful for the love and support I always have.

Well the storms/hurricane stuff was kinda fun. I'm sure you were obsessed over the weather reports and all, but all is well. The Big Island got hit the worst. I heard that some houses lost their roofs and trees were falling down all over. In my old area over there, power and water was out for the entire day. But here on Oahu, the storm was basically just some wind and rain. We were told not to go out during the day on Friday. The worst that happened with us was some gust coming through the house and knocking down one of our lamps, shattering the light bulb. But luckily I have had great parents that taught me how to sweep. Ask me about how often our dishes are getting done though. haha Well we had the elders in the next area over with us. They are our ride everywhere, so if there was some emergency evacuation, they would be there to drive away quickly. So we played games and stuff. Yeah kinda boring but oh well haha. I guess there's another hurricane somewhere north of Hawaii now? but we don't feel anything here.

Well with the hurricane, Pearl Harbor was closed so we didn't get to go over there to help out with service. But we did help out another lady in the ward with alot of service. Her brother or sister or something and their spouse both died within a couple months of eachother over in Ohio, so this member is basically adopting their only child. She had us over to help clean up the house and paint some rooms. We were there for two days, multiple hours both days helping, and then with the storm and on top of that me and now my companion Elder Saunders getting sick, we weren't able to have tons of lessons this week. Although, I'm almost better. I just have a little cough left, but I'm not waking up in the middle of the night to cough a lot any more. That at least waits until morning.

Our with dates are turing more solid it seems. The Chuukese ladies are pretty set. One needs to be married and that's the only thing I'm worried will make it not go through. But the boy we teach is still going pretty strong. He doesn't have any care for what his parents are thinking of him getting baptized, which I think is kinda funny. So hopefully the baptism for the ladies will be this Sunday, right after church and the boy on the next Saturday.

Also on Sunday we have a island wide firside up in Laie that we all are invited to. Some person. I forget who. We are going to try to make it, but it really dpends on our ride situation.... haha always does.

This Sunday we had lots of our investigators come to church. I thnk I counted 6 or so. We walked with the Chuukese ladies there. Then the boy we teach was with one of the families. Another less active family starting to come back and of course Dolly, the lady that has her son missing. This Sunday was our ward conference. The theme was that men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause. They had me share a short 10 minute talk on the restoration. I talked on how my testimony in the restoration is true and that because it's true and strong, I act on it. Basically I challenged the ward to serve others more, to of course search for missionary opportunities, but mostly serve just because we have faith in God. I feel that I may have been almost forceful with the congregation,  but people thanked me for my testimony and thoughts after so I guess someone was affected. Hopefully the work will pick up more.

When I first got to this ward it was super tiny, but it really feels like it's starting to grow more and more. We have filled up most of the chapel now, whereas before we would struggle to get close to 100 in attendance.

We had a zone meeting this week too. nothing much new there. Still me playing piano and zone leaders trying to inspire the missionaries. I think our zone conference is coming up soon too.

I hope you know that I expect you to be getting home on time. :) And I thought I was going to be flying into Vegas. Who said Salt Lake? Released by phone? I'm a little confused by that. I haven't been spoken to about those things yet.

Well hope you have a great week! Love ya lots!

Elder nitta

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