Monday, August 25, 2014

Keoki was Baptized!

Aloha mai kakou!

Sooooo transfers is this week. And I get to stay another transfer. Elder Saunders is leaving after being with me for 3 transfers. Don't know where to. I don't know who is coming in either. We'll see what happens.

Well this has been another fun week. We went to a total of 4 baptisms including the one this last Sunday. On Thursday, 8 year old was baptized. I was invited to perform the confirmation and play the music. So that went all well. Then on Friday, the Tongan ward was having a baptism, and the Elders in that ward asked if I could play the piano for that. Not that they need a piano really with how loud they sing haha. And then we had the baptism for Keoki, our investigator Saturday morning. It went all well, though we did get to the chapel around 6:30 to start filling the font and setting up. Luckily there were lots of people there already cleaning the chapel. Keoki was kinda funny. He didn't like how the jumpsuit looked and didn't wanna take pictures in it. But all went well. Played the piano for that one too. Our convert from the week before Valleria came to the baptism as well.

On Sunday we had the confirmations. Bishop did the confimation for Keoki and I did the confirmation for Valleria. Our ward is having baptisms for the dead on Friday so they are trying to get Keoki ready for that with Priesthood and all.

On Saturday, after the baptism, we helped one of our members move. They moved within the area so we still get to keep em haha. But it was up in apartment places so it was fun going up and down elevators. That took most of the day honestly, until an appointment at 4:30 and then dinner after that. But it was fun.

Zone conference was on Tuesday. I feel like it was just same old same old honestly haha. Nothing much new. Though president did mention to us that this next transfer we're getting trained to use the ipads. So that could be exciting. We also did have Jacob Reis visit with us. I don't know if you've heard about The District. It's missionaries in California that are filmed as they are proslyting. He was on one of them a couple years back, so he came and talked about how we can plan more efficiently. I was asked to give a talk. (Every zone conference, they tell us to prepare a short talk on a topic, this time faith, and they call on 2 missionaries to give the talk) Pretty short and easy. Nothing special. The sisters that I came out with are going home this transfer though. So I played the aloha oe to one of them there at the conference. Kinda weird to thind about it.

We have gotten a lot of people to work with this last week. One less active family wants to try to get their son baptized, so we're meeting with em on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a boyfriend in the family too that said he might be interested in listening. Then on Saturday a crazy thing happened. This guy came up to us as we were walking around. He said that he was a member from Chuuk and that his friend (who was with him) wanted to learn about the church and get his family of 10 baptized. He said he would come to church this sunday and see how he felt about it, but when we went to see him that morning to pick him up for church, one of the kids said he was sick. can't say that isn't a popular excuse, but we're hopefully going to be able to teach him.

It seems like this area is starting to get a lot more investigators and things happening. We didn't have too many investigators at church this Sunday, but I think this area is going to see some improvement. less than a year ago, the chapel would be barely full, maybe like 20 or 30 people at church, but now there's lots more people coming out on Sundays. We area ctually filling it up.The area hasn't had a baptism this year yet, but we just got the first two for the year. So things are looking up.

Today we went to Honolulu to the zoo. Kinda fun I guess haha. Only so much fun you can have looking at animals. After we went and got malasadas. I got a pineapple filling one and a cinnamin one. Pretty good. But now we're back in Kapolei. We're going to meet up as a zone to sign journals and stuff.

Well hope this week isn't too hectic. Love ya lots!

Elder Nitta

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