Monday, August 4, 2014

Feelin' Sick

Aloha again

Well this week has been a not so happy one with me. haha, I've been feeling sick the whole week. Got some stuff in my throat, so I'm constantly coughing up stuff. Makes it kinda hard to sleep when I can't stop coughing. oh well. I think I'm getting mostly better now. Just a little still there. I hope none of the other missionaries get sick from me. I think I got it from another missionary that had it almost a month ago.

Well the new transfer is going all right. The new missionaries are fun, especially the ones straight from the mtc. The newest one I get to see all the time is Elder Baker from Washington. But this transfer is going to go by real quick I'm sure. I'm down to my last 5 transfers now. Weird to think about stuff like that.

We were able to still have some lessons. Though this week was definitely slower, me being sick and all. We were able to meet with our with date people. Keoki, the boy is going great. He's been liking church and seems real attentive when we teach. The other family, Vallerie and Geraldine (the Chuukese girls) are coming along slowly. This week we were only able to see Geraldine. She said that she prayed about all the stuff we've taught and she knows it's true and she wants to leave her boyfriend. It was really awkward when her boyfriend showed up at the end of the lesson. It was funny when he started talking bad about us in Chuukese, but the sister that we were with (super white girl that actually understands the language) asked him, in the language, What did you say? He got real surprised and stopped talking.

We went up the mountain this morning that the boy went missing on. I only went up a little ways, but some other elders kept on going up farther. There's been a lot of rumors going around about how the boy got lost or if he ran away, but most of it has no ground to it. As we've talked with the mother, which we talk with her multiple times a week, she says there's basically no leads as to what has happened with him. She did get up in Sacrament meeting though and shared a quick testimony. She's a nonmember and all, but she still said she knows that this church is true. She concluded it with asking the ward to pray for her. I just hope she's going to be okay.

Got a couple more pictures of the valley and of Makaha. I feel like all the pictures basically look the same though. All the ocean or the valley with some big landscape. I donno, maybe you feel differently. Haha

About eating stuff, I'm sure I would at least try whatever you make. haha I've had the balut, horse, some eggplant thing, fun things, so I've kinda gotten used to eating random things and not complaining.

At church there were lots of visitors. There were 2 families visiting from Vegas. One I got to talk with shortly said they were from the Lone Mountain Stake. The other family I didn't get to talk with, but they're staying for a couple weeks so I'll see them around. There were actually a lot of people visitng church this week. Made it seem like the chapel was actually really full. And we had our stake presidency visiting. And President Warner was only visiting for this last week.

We have a zone meeting tomorrow. The Zone Leaders are getting training from the missionpresident today and they report it and teach us tomorrow. Then on Wednesday we get to go volunteer at the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. Should be good. We have plenty of appointments scheduled, Just hope they go through.

Yeah elder Saunders and I get along well. We're both pretty easygoing. Nothing to complain about. THough I have been with him for a long time. haha

I'm doing well otherwise. I sent back the pants that didn't fit. I don't know if the company was going to send some back in the right size. Maybe you could check on that? Thanks!

Well Love ya lots hope your week goes great.

Elder Nitta

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