Monday, August 18, 2014


Well this week has been one of the more stressful ones. Mainly due to yesterday. I think it was probably one of the most stressful days of my mission thus far. 

So the baptism for one of the ladies went through yesterday. The other lady had some word of wisdom issues. Apparently, in Chuukese, there is no word for chewing tobacco and she didn't understand that that isn't allowed either when we taught her that so she will happen later, and also, she was kicked out of the home she was living in. we just went over there to find her missing. The family didn't like what was happening so she is now over in Waipahu. The sister missionaries went and found her but the other lady was still good for baptism.

Sooooo the crazy stuff. we were planning on having the baptism yesterday at 3:30. Upon going to ward council (at 10 am), the bishop notified us that it is the stake's policy that we are not allowed to perform baptisms while other wards are in session. The last ward would finish at 5 pm. That would be all fine except that we had a fireside to go to last night as well. The fireside was in Laie (about an hour and a half away, not speeding) and it started at 6 pm. So we thought maybe we could do it Monday or Tuesday (Not later than that, because the sister that teaches with us is going home this week), but the sisters didn't want to do that because it was one of the sister's birthday and she really wanted it to happen that day for the lady getting baptized. Sister Warner found out about all this stuff going on, and she suggested that we do it at another chapel (closest other chapel was in kalaeloa, about 20 minutes away), or she even suggested that we go do it in a pool of some member, though I'm not sure how serious she was on that. But Sister Warner wanted to come to the baptism and she wanted it to happen this day too. So we talked to our bishop and he said that it would be okay to use another chapel, only that he was concerned that not very many people would show up. But all in all we decided to go with that plan, putting the baptism at 4 pm. This was about at 1:30, so not too much time to play around with. So our next task was to coordinate rides back and forth to the Kalaeloa Chapel because they didn't have cars. So we were running around frantically trying to find people that were willing to go that far to drop them off and then to pick em up and go back. We also had to worry about their 2 one year old children, so we were also running around trying to find car seats. So we found one lady that said that she might be able to  drive down there, so we kinda had a backup if anything, but then we talked with the bishop's wife, who said that she would be able to drive them down there. we called up the elders for the other chapel and asked them if they could start filling the font. Then we found two car seats to spare, one from one lady and another from another lady. And then our elder's quorum president was going to give us a ride down there, so we thought we had everything covered, until after church. At 3 pm our bishop's wife told us that she actually wouldn't be able to drive them down there. So we went to our kinda backup and she said that her daughter was having some health problems and she needed to get home to her. They suggested another member in the ward,s o we run around trying to find her, but I think she already left by that point. Going around outside asking people, another lady, that normally goes to another ward, heard us and she offered to give a ride. But she could only give 2 people a ride, so we needed one more car. Our relief society president then offered to give a ride as well. So everyone at that point had a ride to get there, probably like 3:15 or so. It took a while for one of the ladies to drop off her family and come back to pick up our baptizee, but she did come and I'm grateful for that. The sisters in the Micronesian ward were to bring the baptismal suits as well, but of course they forgot them, so we had to borrow another ward's suits. But all in all we got everyone there at about 4pm. The baptism service started a little later and we were able to get it all done, and with a decent amount of members there too. But we closed everything up and turned all the lights off a little before 5, so we still had to drive to Laie. I'm actually just praying that everyone got back to Makaha safely, but we sped off to the visitor's center in laie. We got there a couple minutes before it started. so just in time. But I was happy to see it all work out. Though we didn't get home till about 9:30. And all I ate that day was a granola bar at church and some chocolate covered raisons so I ate a lot of food when I got home haha. 

The fireside went well though. Before it started we sang an arrangement of how great thou art as a musical number. (they just handed me the music as I walked in so I sang along just sight reading it.) The man speaking was the first Tongan person drafted into the NFL. He talked about giving up your old self to God. Sacrificing what you once were to fulfill new responsibilities. It was fun to see a bunch of old missionaries too. Practically all of Oahu's missionaries were there. Though, I feel like I don't really know anybody anymore. There are so many new missionaries I haven't met. Going back we passed through Honolulu, so we saw all the zones on Oahu yesterday (we went up through Mililani and North Shore on the way there).

The rest of the week went pretty well though. We did meet with Dolly, who's son went missing. While we were there, she got a phone call from a friend. They said they saw her son down in Waianae, so she called up the neighbors to give her a ride to go see if they could find him. They didn't see him, but it gives me some hope that he might be out there still. 

Yeah I feel like I can't really think of the rest of the week and how that went with all the stuff going on yesterday. But we have zone conference tomorrow. Should be good. Another thing is that I heard there's another hurricane in the forming some ways off from hawaii. Still got time to grow into something big, though the last I heard about it was on Saturday so who knows what could be happening now. 

Well love ya lots. I got the pants so thank you! have a great week!

Elder Nitta

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