Monday, August 25, 2014

Keoki was Baptized!

Aloha mai kakou!

Sooooo transfers is this week. And I get to stay another transfer. Elder Saunders is leaving after being with me for 3 transfers. Don't know where to. I don't know who is coming in either. We'll see what happens.

Well this has been another fun week. We went to a total of 4 baptisms including the one this last Sunday. On Thursday, 8 year old was baptized. I was invited to perform the confirmation and play the music. So that went all well. Then on Friday, the Tongan ward was having a baptism, and the Elders in that ward asked if I could play the piano for that. Not that they need a piano really with how loud they sing haha. And then we had the baptism for Keoki, our investigator Saturday morning. It went all well, though we did get to the chapel around 6:30 to start filling the font and setting up. Luckily there were lots of people there already cleaning the chapel. Keoki was kinda funny. He didn't like how the jumpsuit looked and didn't wanna take pictures in it. But all went well. Played the piano for that one too. Our convert from the week before Valleria came to the baptism as well.

On Sunday we had the confirmations. Bishop did the confimation for Keoki and I did the confirmation for Valleria. Our ward is having baptisms for the dead on Friday so they are trying to get Keoki ready for that with Priesthood and all.

On Saturday, after the baptism, we helped one of our members move. They moved within the area so we still get to keep em haha. But it was up in apartment places so it was fun going up and down elevators. That took most of the day honestly, until an appointment at 4:30 and then dinner after that. But it was fun.

Zone conference was on Tuesday. I feel like it was just same old same old honestly haha. Nothing much new. Though president did mention to us that this next transfer we're getting trained to use the ipads. So that could be exciting. We also did have Jacob Reis visit with us. I don't know if you've heard about The District. It's missionaries in California that are filmed as they are proslyting. He was on one of them a couple years back, so he came and talked about how we can plan more efficiently. I was asked to give a talk. (Every zone conference, they tell us to prepare a short talk on a topic, this time faith, and they call on 2 missionaries to give the talk) Pretty short and easy. Nothing special. The sisters that I came out with are going home this transfer though. So I played the aloha oe to one of them there at the conference. Kinda weird to thind about it.

We have gotten a lot of people to work with this last week. One less active family wants to try to get their son baptized, so we're meeting with em on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a boyfriend in the family too that said he might be interested in listening. Then on Saturday a crazy thing happened. This guy came up to us as we were walking around. He said that he was a member from Chuuk and that his friend (who was with him) wanted to learn about the church and get his family of 10 baptized. He said he would come to church this sunday and see how he felt about it, but when we went to see him that morning to pick him up for church, one of the kids said he was sick. can't say that isn't a popular excuse, but we're hopefully going to be able to teach him.

It seems like this area is starting to get a lot more investigators and things happening. We didn't have too many investigators at church this Sunday, but I think this area is going to see some improvement. less than a year ago, the chapel would be barely full, maybe like 20 or 30 people at church, but now there's lots more people coming out on Sundays. We area ctually filling it up.The area hasn't had a baptism this year yet, but we just got the first two for the year. So things are looking up.

Today we went to Honolulu to the zoo. Kinda fun I guess haha. Only so much fun you can have looking at animals. After we went and got malasadas. I got a pineapple filling one and a cinnamin one. Pretty good. But now we're back in Kapolei. We're going to meet up as a zone to sign journals and stuff.

Well hope this week isn't too hectic. Love ya lots!

Elder Nitta

Monday, August 18, 2014


Well this week has been one of the more stressful ones. Mainly due to yesterday. I think it was probably one of the most stressful days of my mission thus far. 

So the baptism for one of the ladies went through yesterday. The other lady had some word of wisdom issues. Apparently, in Chuukese, there is no word for chewing tobacco and she didn't understand that that isn't allowed either when we taught her that so she will happen later, and also, she was kicked out of the home she was living in. we just went over there to find her missing. The family didn't like what was happening so she is now over in Waipahu. The sister missionaries went and found her but the other lady was still good for baptism.

Sooooo the crazy stuff. we were planning on having the baptism yesterday at 3:30. Upon going to ward council (at 10 am), the bishop notified us that it is the stake's policy that we are not allowed to perform baptisms while other wards are in session. The last ward would finish at 5 pm. That would be all fine except that we had a fireside to go to last night as well. The fireside was in Laie (about an hour and a half away, not speeding) and it started at 6 pm. So we thought maybe we could do it Monday or Tuesday (Not later than that, because the sister that teaches with us is going home this week), but the sisters didn't want to do that because it was one of the sister's birthday and she really wanted it to happen that day for the lady getting baptized. Sister Warner found out about all this stuff going on, and she suggested that we do it at another chapel (closest other chapel was in kalaeloa, about 20 minutes away), or she even suggested that we go do it in a pool of some member, though I'm not sure how serious she was on that. But Sister Warner wanted to come to the baptism and she wanted it to happen this day too. So we talked to our bishop and he said that it would be okay to use another chapel, only that he was concerned that not very many people would show up. But all in all we decided to go with that plan, putting the baptism at 4 pm. This was about at 1:30, so not too much time to play around with. So our next task was to coordinate rides back and forth to the Kalaeloa Chapel because they didn't have cars. So we were running around frantically trying to find people that were willing to go that far to drop them off and then to pick em up and go back. We also had to worry about their 2 one year old children, so we were also running around trying to find car seats. So we found one lady that said that she might be able to  drive down there, so we kinda had a backup if anything, but then we talked with the bishop's wife, who said that she would be able to drive them down there. we called up the elders for the other chapel and asked them if they could start filling the font. Then we found two car seats to spare, one from one lady and another from another lady. And then our elder's quorum president was going to give us a ride down there, so we thought we had everything covered, until after church. At 3 pm our bishop's wife told us that she actually wouldn't be able to drive them down there. So we went to our kinda backup and she said that her daughter was having some health problems and she needed to get home to her. They suggested another member in the ward,s o we run around trying to find her, but I think she already left by that point. Going around outside asking people, another lady, that normally goes to another ward, heard us and she offered to give a ride. But she could only give 2 people a ride, so we needed one more car. Our relief society president then offered to give a ride as well. So everyone at that point had a ride to get there, probably like 3:15 or so. It took a while for one of the ladies to drop off her family and come back to pick up our baptizee, but she did come and I'm grateful for that. The sisters in the Micronesian ward were to bring the baptismal suits as well, but of course they forgot them, so we had to borrow another ward's suits. But all in all we got everyone there at about 4pm. The baptism service started a little later and we were able to get it all done, and with a decent amount of members there too. But we closed everything up and turned all the lights off a little before 5, so we still had to drive to Laie. I'm actually just praying that everyone got back to Makaha safely, but we sped off to the visitor's center in laie. We got there a couple minutes before it started. so just in time. But I was happy to see it all work out. Though we didn't get home till about 9:30. And all I ate that day was a granola bar at church and some chocolate covered raisons so I ate a lot of food when I got home haha. 

The fireside went well though. Before it started we sang an arrangement of how great thou art as a musical number. (they just handed me the music as I walked in so I sang along just sight reading it.) The man speaking was the first Tongan person drafted into the NFL. He talked about giving up your old self to God. Sacrificing what you once were to fulfill new responsibilities. It was fun to see a bunch of old missionaries too. Practically all of Oahu's missionaries were there. Though, I feel like I don't really know anybody anymore. There are so many new missionaries I haven't met. Going back we passed through Honolulu, so we saw all the zones on Oahu yesterday (we went up through Mililani and North Shore on the way there).

The rest of the week went pretty well though. We did meet with Dolly, who's son went missing. While we were there, she got a phone call from a friend. They said they saw her son down in Waianae, so she called up the neighbors to give her a ride to go see if they could find him. They didn't see him, but it gives me some hope that he might be out there still. 

Yeah I feel like I can't really think of the rest of the week and how that went with all the stuff going on yesterday. But we have zone conference tomorrow. Should be good. Another thing is that I heard there's another hurricane in the forming some ways off from hawaii. Still got time to grow into something big, though the last I heard about it was on Saturday so who knows what could be happening now. 

Well love ya lots. I got the pants so thank you! have a great week!

Elder Nitta

Monday, August 11, 2014

Starting to Grow

I feel that lately emails have been meaning more and more to me. I guess I'm grateful for the love and support I always have.

Well the storms/hurricane stuff was kinda fun. I'm sure you were obsessed over the weather reports and all, but all is well. The Big Island got hit the worst. I heard that some houses lost their roofs and trees were falling down all over. In my old area over there, power and water was out for the entire day. But here on Oahu, the storm was basically just some wind and rain. We were told not to go out during the day on Friday. The worst that happened with us was some gust coming through the house and knocking down one of our lamps, shattering the light bulb. But luckily I have had great parents that taught me how to sweep. Ask me about how often our dishes are getting done though. haha Well we had the elders in the next area over with us. They are our ride everywhere, so if there was some emergency evacuation, they would be there to drive away quickly. So we played games and stuff. Yeah kinda boring but oh well haha. I guess there's another hurricane somewhere north of Hawaii now? but we don't feel anything here.

Well with the hurricane, Pearl Harbor was closed so we didn't get to go over there to help out with service. But we did help out another lady in the ward with alot of service. Her brother or sister or something and their spouse both died within a couple months of eachother over in Ohio, so this member is basically adopting their only child. She had us over to help clean up the house and paint some rooms. We were there for two days, multiple hours both days helping, and then with the storm and on top of that me and now my companion Elder Saunders getting sick, we weren't able to have tons of lessons this week. Although, I'm almost better. I just have a little cough left, but I'm not waking up in the middle of the night to cough a lot any more. That at least waits until morning.

Our with dates are turing more solid it seems. The Chuukese ladies are pretty set. One needs to be married and that's the only thing I'm worried will make it not go through. But the boy we teach is still going pretty strong. He doesn't have any care for what his parents are thinking of him getting baptized, which I think is kinda funny. So hopefully the baptism for the ladies will be this Sunday, right after church and the boy on the next Saturday.

Also on Sunday we have a island wide firside up in Laie that we all are invited to. Some person. I forget who. We are going to try to make it, but it really dpends on our ride situation.... haha always does.

This Sunday we had lots of our investigators come to church. I thnk I counted 6 or so. We walked with the Chuukese ladies there. Then the boy we teach was with one of the families. Another less active family starting to come back and of course Dolly, the lady that has her son missing. This Sunday was our ward conference. The theme was that men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause. They had me share a short 10 minute talk on the restoration. I talked on how my testimony in the restoration is true and that because it's true and strong, I act on it. Basically I challenged the ward to serve others more, to of course search for missionary opportunities, but mostly serve just because we have faith in God. I feel that I may have been almost forceful with the congregation,  but people thanked me for my testimony and thoughts after so I guess someone was affected. Hopefully the work will pick up more.

When I first got to this ward it was super tiny, but it really feels like it's starting to grow more and more. We have filled up most of the chapel now, whereas before we would struggle to get close to 100 in attendance.

We had a zone meeting this week too. nothing much new there. Still me playing piano and zone leaders trying to inspire the missionaries. I think our zone conference is coming up soon too.

I hope you know that I expect you to be getting home on time. :) And I thought I was going to be flying into Vegas. Who said Salt Lake? Released by phone? I'm a little confused by that. I haven't been spoken to about those things yet.

Well hope you have a great week! Love ya lots!

Elder nitta

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hurricane's Iselle and Julio

Aloha Parents

Your missionary is safe. President Warner has asked me to send this email out with some information about how prepared we are here in the islands for both Hurricanes Iselle and Julio.  We have all the missionaries from the Big Island together in 2 groups, Kona and Hilo. They are in 2 different stake centers on high ground. Each group has a senior couple with them, food , water and other emergency supplies. They have been instructed to stay in the building and together until the all clear is sounded.  
On Maui the same is happening all the missionaries are in one stake building with the same supplies. Kauai doesn’t have any senior couples so the stake President is organizing them together in the stake building.
On Oahu we are organizing the missionaries in groups depending on the need. It looks like we will only be getting a Tropical storm. They know where to go, mission office, or which stake centers are on high ground.
Depending on the issues we have with electricity outage you may or may not hear from your missionary on Monday. I will send a group email as soon as I get the information.  As a mission we are prepared and we don’t want our love ones at home to worry about us.

Mahalo for sending your great missionary to us
Sister Cordon
Hawaii Honolulu Mission Secretary

Aloha Parents

President Warner asked me to email the parents to reassure you that all is well here. Our missionaries are safe and dry. The worst thing that happened to them was boredom because we made them stay in today. As I stated in the first email, you may not hear from your missionary on Monday due to our second storm front. It is supposed to miss the Islands but we could get a lot of rain and wind. I am resending the first email along with this one because some parents didn’t receive it. See below.

Much Mahalo

Monday, August 4, 2014

Feelin' Sick

Aloha again

Well this week has been a not so happy one with me. haha, I've been feeling sick the whole week. Got some stuff in my throat, so I'm constantly coughing up stuff. Makes it kinda hard to sleep when I can't stop coughing. oh well. I think I'm getting mostly better now. Just a little still there. I hope none of the other missionaries get sick from me. I think I got it from another missionary that had it almost a month ago.

Well the new transfer is going all right. The new missionaries are fun, especially the ones straight from the mtc. The newest one I get to see all the time is Elder Baker from Washington. But this transfer is going to go by real quick I'm sure. I'm down to my last 5 transfers now. Weird to think about stuff like that.

We were able to still have some lessons. Though this week was definitely slower, me being sick and all. We were able to meet with our with date people. Keoki, the boy is going great. He's been liking church and seems real attentive when we teach. The other family, Vallerie and Geraldine (the Chuukese girls) are coming along slowly. This week we were only able to see Geraldine. She said that she prayed about all the stuff we've taught and she knows it's true and she wants to leave her boyfriend. It was really awkward when her boyfriend showed up at the end of the lesson. It was funny when he started talking bad about us in Chuukese, but the sister that we were with (super white girl that actually understands the language) asked him, in the language, What did you say? He got real surprised and stopped talking.

We went up the mountain this morning that the boy went missing on. I only went up a little ways, but some other elders kept on going up farther. There's been a lot of rumors going around about how the boy got lost or if he ran away, but most of it has no ground to it. As we've talked with the mother, which we talk with her multiple times a week, she says there's basically no leads as to what has happened with him. She did get up in Sacrament meeting though and shared a quick testimony. She's a nonmember and all, but she still said she knows that this church is true. She concluded it with asking the ward to pray for her. I just hope she's going to be okay.

Got a couple more pictures of the valley and of Makaha. I feel like all the pictures basically look the same though. All the ocean or the valley with some big landscape. I donno, maybe you feel differently. Haha

About eating stuff, I'm sure I would at least try whatever you make. haha I've had the balut, horse, some eggplant thing, fun things, so I've kinda gotten used to eating random things and not complaining.

At church there were lots of visitors. There were 2 families visiting from Vegas. One I got to talk with shortly said they were from the Lone Mountain Stake. The other family I didn't get to talk with, but they're staying for a couple weeks so I'll see them around. There were actually a lot of people visitng church this week. Made it seem like the chapel was actually really full. And we had our stake presidency visiting. And President Warner was only visiting for this last week.

We have a zone meeting tomorrow. The Zone Leaders are getting training from the missionpresident today and they report it and teach us tomorrow. Then on Wednesday we get to go volunteer at the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. Should be good. We have plenty of appointments scheduled, Just hope they go through.

Yeah elder Saunders and I get along well. We're both pretty easygoing. Nothing to complain about. THough I have been with him for a long time. haha

I'm doing well otherwise. I sent back the pants that didn't fit. I don't know if the company was going to send some back in the right size. Maybe you could check on that? Thanks!

Well Love ya lots hope your week goes great.

Elder Nitta