Monday, July 21, 2014

17 Months this week!

Well another week down. Almost at 17 months (in a couple o days.... Weird.... haha)

So this one family that we teach almost every week hasn't been really progressing that much in the church.... until this week. So we were totally thinking of just dropping them because nothing was happening. We teach them with a set of sisters from Honolulu because they're chuukese (a type of Micronesian) so the sisters that come speak the language. Actually it's one super ha'ole sister (white) that has been in that ward for about 6 months that speaks the language. But this last week we went and there was another girl there that we had never seen. Turns out she was taught by one of the sisters that we teach with before, but she dropped off the face of the earth and they never saw her again, until this Friday. She really wanted to get baptized and come to church but never got to when she left Honolulu to come to Waianae. But now her and her sister want to come to church. Another funny thing: her sister has been baptized as a member, but somehow, her records were lost so we have to do the baptism again. Crazy stuff. But we walked with them to the church on Saturday (maybe 5-10 minute walk) and had a lesson there. They said they would come to church. When Sacrament started, they weren't there, but about halfway through they showed up and stayed for class after. Soooooo hopefully it will all work well. We set a baptismal date for the 17th of August. Should be good, except one of them has to get married, but she wants to be married, so it's looking good. Then there's a boy there that is 9 years old that came to church with them too, so 3 potential in that family that we were thinking that we were going to drop.

Then on Tuesday we went to the temple. Always nice, even with the hour and a half drive there haha. Past the dole plantation and through Hale'iwa. I think that temple is one of my favorites. After that we had our interviews with president Warner. He basically told me that Elder Saunders is probably going to leave this next transfer (in a week and a half). He wants me to study up on the spirit of prophecy vs the spirit of revelation. He plans to speak in our sacrament meeting this next Sunday too. Hopefully motivate some members to do more missionary work. After the interview (which by the way, I was the very first out of the zone) we got together with sister Warner and gave a short talk. They assigned us the topic of obedience. So we were given 3 minutes to give our short talk. They recorded it and graded us, so sister Warner would watch it with you after. I was all right except apparently, I say um a lot when I talk publically. I like more one on one kind of conversation stuff. But it was good. I don't remember if I mentioned that the iPads for our mission plan on getting here sometime in October. Funny how they once upon a time told us we would get them in December last year. But they've actually ordered them now, instead of just saying they were going to order them. haha.

The work went all right this week. Not too bad, but we could have had more lessons. We did get a call from one of our members last night. Her boyfriend has been coming to church for the past month or so every week. He's not a member, but we didn't want to move in and try to teach him because his parents are kind of anti Mormon or anti religion in general. But she told us last night that he wants to take lessons for real, so we are probably going to teach him at the members house. We meet with them tonight for family home evening. Then we'll set up a day to go over the lessons in specific.

There was apparently another tropical storm that hit Hawaii Saturday night. First of all, being on Oahu, you don't get that much rain. The Big Island catches most of it all. Second of all, being on the most dry part of the dry side of Oahu, you get even less rain than the rest of the island. So our tropical storm was just a little drizzle. we heard thunder on through the night, but nothing big. Our power was out for most of the morning. It went back on sometime while we were at church. Getting ready, I was totally expecting to take a cold shower, but there was still some hot water left over from before the power outage. I just remember that the tropical storm that hit last year when I was on Maui wasn't that big of a storm either, but I guess you never know. This one started out as a hurricane I heard but died off as it got closer.

We did play rugby almost every morning this last week. I think I need to wash my clothes.... haha they stink a little. But I think those are the exciting things that have happened this week. Hope you are doing awesome!

Aloha wau 'ia 'oe!

Elder Nitta

Diamond head overlooking Waikiki

Elder Sauders & Elder Nitta

Art of Graffiti

Typical Hawaiian Sunset

La'ie Temple

Panorama of Keana and Oahu

La'ie Temple

Diamond Head overlooking Waikiki

Pearl Harbor

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just another week...

Aloha, just another week

Well for lunch we went to costco and we ran into some people. The Mafi and the Bowles (spelling?) family came and said hi. They took a picture and I think they sent it back to you. Fun seeing people from home. But Costco is a popular place for us missionaries to go eat because of how cheap it can be.... haha we see members there all the time. Lots of tourists. I think that's always one fun thing is that there are always people visiting from around the world. This week in church we had one family move in and another family that's visiting for a few weeks. 

Well sadly they still haven't found the boy that went missing a week ago. We went over to the mom's house this morning to say a prayer with her. She isn't a member of the church, but I think she's starting to open herself up a little more to God now. We gave her a blessing wishing her a good day as we left, which brought her a smile. She just needs lots of love and support from those around her, which I hope the members are giving her. 

So you did get the backpack with stuff. I left the nametag in there too for you guys. But much thanks be to the brother in the ward here.  The shirts and stuff I received fit well. My weight is staying at a steady 160 so not much size change has happened.Shoes are holding up well. My pants with the big hole in them are now shorts so they work out well. Doing all right it seems

This morning half of our zone got together to play rugby. A member from the Samoan ward came too. It's fun getting out and doing stuff physical like that even though we ride our bikes everyday. It has been raining this morning so the field was kinda muddy. The whole side of the island seems to be so muggy outside. It's not too hot, maybe 80s, but the humidity doesn't help at all. 

Tomorrow we get to go to the temple in La'ie. Should be a good trip. We are getting interviews too while we're up there. The mission presidents have sometimes done "dying wishes" for missionaries here in Hawaii, which is basically where the missionary wants to go for their last area on their missions. So I want to get the opportunity to go to Moloka'i to meet up with the Kiaha family. We'll see what happens though. We also have to prepare a talk while we're up there. Sister Warner is going to record it and give us advice on how we can better ourselves and stuff. I still haven't prepared that.... haha but it only has to be 3 minutes so I don't think it should take too long. 

Well this week has been slower with the amount of appointments and lessons we were able to have. We did go on exchanges with the district leader. The day i was with him we spent most of the day looking for less actives on the ward list, but no one was home of course. We got like 2 lessons that day. But we hope that the work can pick up again. we're starting to get more regular with a lot of our appointments, but there's a lot of people still that could be better about making and keeping those appointments. 

Some of our members went out home teaching last week and knocked on the wrong place. A guy came out who, apparently, didn't know anything about the church, so our members asked if the missionaries could come over. That appointment was supposed to have happened yesterday, but no one was home when we got there. The man seemed really sincere about meeting with us and talking about church, but I guess something must have come up. We also got to give the sacrament to a man in a nursing home. He's been less active for a long time, but he actually got in contact with the church and requested that someone come to visit with him. Real nice guy. Hopefully we'll get to see him again. 

I did spend one day in the Samoan ward. That ward covers the whole zone so members were all over that we tried to visit. We started sitting down with some girls, but then they ran away as soon as our attention was on some other members. Too bad haha, but it was fun. 

Also went to a graduation party. Super loud music and good food. The girl that graduated had a big crown on and a huge puffy lei that were made out of dollar bills. It's so much of the culture here to give to everyone. Something nice.

Well those are the highlights of this week. Sounds like the homefront is going all right. Love you lots!

Elder Nitta