Monday, June 9, 2014

Story Time...


We are now in week six of this transfer. So that means that next week I could be getting a new comp, or something. It's always kinda exciting to see changes. Doing the same kind of stuff all the time gets boring sometimes.... 

This last week we went to Pearl Harbor. Story time: if you are a missionary on Oahu, every other transfer, missionaries get to go to Pearl Harbor and volunteer at the USS Missouri Ship. They put us to work-doing all kind of things to keep the ship looking nice. This week they had us paint some wooden thing and then a cage of some sort. They took us on a short tour of the inside of the ship. It was just my first time there. When I was on Oahu before, Pearl Harbor was on government shut down, so I didn't get to go then. But some missionaries get to go there upwards of 10 times during their missions. Probably not me. Everybody was super surprised when I said that I've never been there before. As a souvenir, I got a little paint on my shirt.

That was basically the exciting and different thing that happened this week. We did go up into the valley into a place called the plantation. There's choke peacocks there. We were trying to visit a less active lady (who has signed up to feed us tonight actually) but she ended up not being there. Another set of elders dropped us off, so we had to walk all the way back down, which was about 20-30 minutes or so. I was grabbing some grass and making bird sounds that sounded like the peacocks. Somebody must have thought that they were going kinda crazy with all the sounds we were making. Haha

After that, we headed over to the chapel for our ward night. They were doing an activity with the youth of putting them through a Plan of Salvation. They had them in separate rooms and moved them to the next steps of the plan. The youth went through a premortal life  and an earth life (where they played games as their "labors in mortality"). Based on whether they won those games or not, determined whether they went to spirit paradise or prison and then later from telestial to celestial. In the spirit world room, they had all kinds of treats and desserts (but nobody was allowed to eat them). They were judged by the Bishop and then they progressed through the cultural hall ( telestial an terrestrial worlds) up to the chapel (celestial kingdom). They had Elder Saunders and I guard all the desserts and stuff in the spirit world and then I was playing the organ while they were filing into the chapel. Pretty well thought out activity, and a fun way to go through the Plan of Salvation.

I don't remember if I mentioned that our ward had a father and sons outing that we went to just shortly last week. We just showed up for the food :) haha.

Our stake had its stake conference this weekend. President Warner came to both the sessions on Saturday and Sunday. It was good to hear him and Sister Warner speak on missionary work. The whole Saturday night session was all about missionary work. A lot of emphasis was put on the members to get involved. They had some youth come up and share their experiences about sharing the gospel and then later some missionaries and recent converts went up to share their conversion stories. One main point that was brought up was that there are all kinds of ways to share the gospel, some being a lot harder ways. But whether or not you do an easy or hard way of sharing the gospel, it is all just as honorable. Being involved in the process of saving a human soul in the most honorable and important duty in this life.

We had a lesson with a Chuukese family this week and we really tried to commit them to coming to church this Sunday. We told them we were going to stop by before the meeting to come and get them, which we did do, but when we got there the mom said that she was feeling sick and the dad went to work. It's kinda frustrating when people don't follow through on some of their commitments. But I guess all we can measure, as far as our success, is how much effort we put into what we are doing, not the numbers or the goals we reach. If we get plenty of baptisms or we are financially well off in this life, it is likely that we put forth lots of effort to get there, but it doesn't mean that the 'not so well off' person, or the missionary that doesn't see baptisms, isn't successful. Success is measured by our persoanl commitment to do what is right. God isn't going to measure our many good things we did in this life, he's going to measure how hard we tried to do those good things. So, I hope I'm just trying my best, then whatever happens, happens.

This morning we went on a short hike in Makaha area. It was just a small remenent of a vocano crater next to the water. A soon to be missionary came with us. He is from Waianae and he's leaving to Utah today to go to the MTC. Going to Mexico City. From the top we could see msot of the Makaha area, and some homeless people just hanging out nearby..... Pretty nice. haha

I think when I get back from my mission, I want to look more into psychology. Talking with the lady in my last ward about all these different personality types and stuff got me kinda curious. Maybe I'll try to talk with Logan about some of those things. It interests me.

Well hope you have a wonderful and awesome week. Love you!

Elder Nitta

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