Monday, June 30, 2014

I ran into Talia Barnes from Centennial


I am the farthest from the mission home on Oahu, on the west coast of the island, I'm about 1/3 a way from the western tip. 

I ran into Talia Barnes on Saturday!  We were planning on having an appointment with one of our families that we teach, but they cancelled that morning, so we were able to go to a graduation party of one of our members. I walked in and saw Talia right in front! At first I saw her and thought, "wow, she looks really familiar..." then she came up and started talking, so we got to visit a little. She came with a sister that is the bishop's mother. Super random but awesome to see someone from home.  She's doing well in school and said to say hello to everyone.

Sometimes I miss some of your home cooking.  When you told me about the poppy seed chicken, I craved it for a second. I am very blessed in this area - I end up getting fed pretty nice here. Last night we had some spaghetti. Then brownies were for dessert. I also had a salad (lettuce, apples, cranberries, tomatoes, nuts, and sorts in it). But I think so far I'm about at my starting weight still. I think being in biking areas for half my mission is helping that.... haha

Well the weather has been kinda different this past week. Most of the time here on the west side, it hasn't rained at all. It's just hot and dry (for Hawaii standards), but ever since I got here, it has been raining a decent amount. This last week has been the most rain I've experienced for sure. Every day it's been cloudy and a few of those days it's been downpouring. Got a little wet when we were biking and also when we did service, pulling weeds... but it's fun. Kinda annoying getting soaked, but oh well. It's still nothing in comparison to the big island, but I was hoping to get away from that stuff. :P Sooooo it's been really humid and about 80s or 90s in temperature. 

This week we had a few lessons. About 20 or so, so a little better from the normal. I think the time I had the most lessons was in Maui, where we were getting close to 30 a week. Lots of less actives - we visited. Our investigator that is working on smoking had a cool story this week. When we were over there, she told us how whe was at the store and she could of bought either a plate lunch or another pack of cigarettes, but she bought the plate lunch instead. She said she doesn't want to buy them anymore, that they don't taste good anymore. So I hope she stays true to her desire to stop buying them. She was feeling sick this Sunday so she didn't come to church. We actually didn't have any ivestigators at church this week, but our ward mission leader's family has brought a guy to church now twice. He's a graduated senior I think, and I think he is interested in getting more spiritual in his life, but I didn't have the opportunity to talk with him while we were there. Hopefully something can happen from that.

We visited with another part member family. They had us over for dinner. The sad thing was that they had so many questions about the gospel and stuff, but we didn't have any time and we had to leave to meet up with another member. But we do have a return appointment this week so we hope to be able to start teaching them regularly.

Well those are they main fun things that have happened this week. Hope it's a little exciting to read the emails.

Love ya lots!

Elder Nitta

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