Monday, May 5, 2014

The verdict is in - I'm leaving the Waikahe Ward!

Aloha Momma! 

The verdict is in - I'm leaving the Waikahe Ward on this beautiful island of Hawaii! I am heading back to Oahu on Wednesday.  I heard that I'm going to Makakilo which is on the West side of Oahu.  And - I might be with my second son, Elder Saunders again!  If that's the case, it will be great. I'm sad to be leaving the Ward here.  The members have been super great, so kind and caring. Elder Greene has been an inspiring companion. I've been pretty spoiled, but I'm excited to move on. Hopefully this new Ward will be ready for me when I get there.  Ha Ha!

Last week we were able to see some of our less active members, and a decent bunch of our investigators. We just started meeting with a less active man and his non-member girl friend. They are so excited about starting to come back to Church. We talked about them in Ward Council, and about half the people there said that they grew up with him, and knew him well! I'm so sad that I won't be able to see some of these people progress. I have enjoyed my time here.

Our ward Mission Leader's wife is going back home to Vegas for a few weeks. I gave her our contact information so she could contact you. I hope that's okay... I also gave the info to the people we live with. They are super great people. A lot of people here have been so good to me.  As a departing gift, I
was given food and snacks from the members. 

This past Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday it was pouring rain. Saying that we got a little wet is an understatement! We stopped in front of one of our member's houses to seek refuge. As we were trying to drip-dry, we heard the loudest laughter coming from inside.  Turns out we were the butt of the laughter, just because we were soaked with rain. They must have felt sorry for us because they gave us towels to dry off with. 

I feel like most of this week has been really busy meeting with a lot of people.  Most of it is just normal missionary work, nothing too exciting really happened sadly. We had a fabulous dinner at our landlord's house. Elder Greene did a few magic tricks to entertain a lot of the kids. They have been really great to me. 

I hope your week goes well. I'm excited to talk/skype on Sunday. If I can, I'll let you know when. Thanks for all you do!

Elder Nitta 

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