Monday, May 26, 2014

Aloha! This time I'm in Makakilo!

So because of Memorial day, all the libraries are closed. So that means we get to go to the stake center and use the family history computers. It's a pretty nice chapel. Pretty new. 

This morning we got to go to the Waianae Ward's beach party. They had burgers and stuff. We got to play some games on the grass area of course. Though some of the members were telling us that they need to have someone go drown, so that the Elders can go to the water and rescue them! Ha Ha!  Even the members want us to go swim.  I played chess, and I beat 2 people while the food was cooking. There were burgers, hotdogs, malasadas, chips (I got the Maui onion flavor), and a bunch more desserts I just couldn't try.

This week started out really well. We had something like 5 or 6 lessons on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Our potential baptism, Dolly, is still struggling with smoking. We are working with her to develop more of the desire to quit. She wants to be baptized, we just need to help her with the smoking somehow. All the ward is on board with helping her. She's been coming to church for so long and is a real part of the ward. How was it that Gma and Gpa quit the smoking? Any advice?

So those days were good, but then one of the Elders in the Waianae Ward got sick, so I got to go to our pad with him, while my companion and his companion went to work in our areas. He's been having gall bladder problems. But seems all right now. By the way, I've been a little sick this whole week. Nothing serious, but I've had some phlegm in my throat the whole time. Kinda annoying, but I'll be good. Biking isn't a problem. Most of our area is pretty flat, so no huge hills, like my last area had. 

The weather out here has been pretty strange. This is supposed to be the dry side of the island, but we have been getting 'choke' rain this last week (well not quite hilo standard rain, but still a lot more than usual). Then yesterday there was a storm that hit our side. Our power went out for a bout an hour and a half. Our dinner appointment had to cancel on us because they couldn't cook the food without power. So I made myself a sandwich, ham and turkey. Pretty good stuff if I do say so myself haha.

I think on Tuesday, there was a weird light show going on in the sky. There were some weird white lines in the sky, like someone had scribbled in the sky right around dusk. No body knew what it was but tons of people were taking pictures. We were joking around that there was some alien invasion going on. It lasted for about an hour, but after the sun was down, it was still bright with white lines in the sky. 

It was graduation for the high schools this past weekend. So the one main road that goes out to our area was super busy with traffic. And almost everybody was going to the graduation, so that made Friday a pretty slow day at night. Nobody home to teach. 

Well other than that, there wasn't anything too exciting going on this last week. Pretty average week. haha Sorry for boring emails. 

Thanks for sending things to help me out. I got a new razor, so I should be good there. haha that's one thing that annoys me is having to shave everyday... oh well. Love you lots 

Elder Nitta

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