Monday, April 28, 2014

Ua aloha nui owau 'ia 'oe. 'Oe no ka 'oi

Ua aloha nui owau 'ia 'oe. 'Oe no ka 'oi. Hope I wrote that right.... haha

This week has been a little slower as far as Missionary work. Our Saturday was jam-packed with people we wanted to see but hardly anyone was home. We got rained on a lot. It's okay, I'm getting used to the rain. Just being soaked as we walk up to people's doors is great for a conversation starter. I feel like we are planting a lot of seeds. Some may grow this next week, or some in the months to come. 

We have received many referrals this week!  One referral was from the Missionaries in the area next over, and they want to take us to their house. Another one is from one set of Sisters in town. They didn't really give us an address, just a phone number. We tried calling but the guy said to call back in a month.... haha!  The next referral was from a second set of Sisters in town. At first they gave us the referral saying the address is in Hawaiian Paradise Park. (I'm thinking, "okay that's about our entire area....") and then they said it was house number 24. So our area has about 40 streets that are all about 3-4 miles long just with houses, one right after the other. We had no idea where to go. We kindly asked that the Sisters get in contact with the referral again and ask specificly where it is that they live. So the Sister's told us the next day that the referral lived on 24th street and was the first house on the left. That still gives us about 8 different possibilities! We plan to go contact her tomorrow - we didn't get to go when we first got it because of the Merrie Monarch Festival and they referral was busy with that.

This last week was the Merrie Monarch Festival. It's a hula festival that lasts all week long and people come from all around the world to compete in this competition. I guess Japan is really into this hula competition and plenty of people come over every year from there. We, sadly, didn't get to see any of it. Maybe a member will show us a taping of it. When I was on Maui, there was a family there that did the competition last year and they shared some of it with us.  It was great.

Lately it seems like there are a lot of people that we try to go visit every week, and none of them progress at all. We just share short messages, but with a couple of them, we have discussed our purpose in coming to visit. Some of them still don't really get it, sadly. But we continue to invite them to Church. None of our investigators came this past Sunday. We have hope for many of them to progress. Hopefully they will soon, and before I leave. Our transfers are next week, so I have a possibility of leaving. 

One of the investigators we were visiting this week was having a party at his house when we arrived. A big MMA fight was the center of the get together. With some people, you can expect them to say 'come another time, don't bother me when I'm with my friends,' but he welcomes us anytime. They were cooking out on the BBQ and they gave us some to eat-it was really good stuff!  We were able to talk with a bunch of the people there. He's had us help cook before. He's a really nice guy. I feel that if he were to join the church, he would bring all his friends to Chruch. He's not ashamed of anything, and it's easy to see that when we go over to his parties, when everyone is drinking and laughing. Nice guy!

We have several appointments set up for next week. A couple of those appointments keep canceling on us. And we keep on being told about more referrals that the members are planning on getting to us. Hopefully this next week will be a great week of success.!

We did get to do the baptism for the boy that lost his records. It was awesome to see his brother be able to do the baptism, and ordain him in the Priesthood. They had nonmember family there too, so we got to share a lot of gospel principles. We plan on going back to their home weekly to help prepare them for their next child getting baptized and just helping them as they are slowly becoming more active. 

We get to have a lesson this week at the '5 star chefs house' this week, which means there is probably going to be some great snacks afterward!. Hopefully this lesson can bridge the gap within the family because only his wife is a member. 

Hope all is well. Don't get overwhelmed with all the new stuff going on at work. I'm sure God is with you and helping any need you have. Thank you for all you do!

Elder Nitta

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