Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference was pretty fun...

Well, we didn't catch any pigs....

Sad, but we saw them running away. We went up towards the top of the island and it was raining all day. We got really wet. They brought guns with them to just shoot them. Normally they would bring the dogs and go after them with knives. But it was fun. He said he would have to take us some other time.

Today we got to go through the Kaumana Caves. We all brought flashlights this time so we could see a little better. We went pretty far back to some points where you have to climb over rocks and stuff. Got a little cut up, but nothing to worry about.

This weekend was pretty great as I'm sure you well know. Conference was pretty fun. I think if I was to have a favorite, it would be Elder Bednar's talk about carrying a load. He is always a great speaker. Holland had an interesting talk, but motivating to do better. All in all it was great. Not sure if I remember everything, but that's why we get it printed out and read it. :)

We did get to meet with one of our investigators this week that I had previously only taught once. I didn't think that there was very much potential for him honestly, but he opened up and told us that at one point he was ready to commit to the church. He knows that he wants to commit and he knows it would be good for him, but stuff came up and he never was able to move forward. We challenged him to start over new and go for it, knowing that blessings are awaiting him. We'll meet wiwth him again on Wednesday. Hopefully he can progress a lot soon.

President Warner moved missionaries into the Kea'au Ward, so we no longer have to take care of them. It's a little less to think about - that's for sure. There was a lot to do and start up in that Ward, so now we can just focus our efforts in the one area.  Phew!

Elder Greene has been a great companion. He is motivated and fun. 

Well, sorry I don't have lots of time today. We are in town and have to go back soon. Hope all is well.

Elder Nitta

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