Monday, April 21, 2014

Aloha Oe'


Well I think you mean 'oe instead of oi. Haha nothing to worry about. 

Well I don't think the package has gotten here yet. Ill let you know when it does. That's you for your love and support. 

I thought you wrote that you went to McDonald's for Easter! Got a little worried there for a second. Haha. I miss the McDonough's - tell them I love them.

Well I haven't seen too many of the water attractions that the islands of Hawaii have to offer. Maybe some day haha. This morning we went to the volcano. We went early in the morning to see the glow of the lava. Then we went of a hike around the crater. Another thing, the steam vents smell pretty bad. They're nice and warm but they aren't like roses haha. 

Well this week was a slower week. We weren't able to have too many lessons. We were actually running out of time and didn't get to visit everybody that we wanted to visit. So almost half of all the investigators that we try teach didn't get a visit this week. Though we were able to meet with a couple new people this week. We have I think 5 people that said we can come back and talk with them whenever. One I don't think is very interested, but I try not to judge beforehand and put equal faith in every person. Hopefully some of these people can progress. This was the the cut off week for our investigators to get baptized in this transfer. They would have had to come to church and commit to a date already. We had one of the kinda eternal investigators come, but none of our more serious ones. So hopefully ill stay another transfer. This one is already halfway over. Crazy how time flies.

We had a lesson with Patricia this week. She has progressed so far I feel n the gospel since we started meeting with her about 3 months ago, well even longer now. She is starting to read the book or Mormon and pray about these things but she feels that she hasn't received a for sure answer yet. We tried saying that the improvement in her life, the happiness and peace she is starting to feel is maybe god trying to direct her in her life, but she is waiting for a more concrete answer I think. She says she knows that we're good people coming over and she feels good about us when we come over, but I don't know how to help her realize the spirit is influencing her already. 

We did help out our young men with service on Friday that took a lot of time out of our day. They were building a rock wall,  so I get to help mix the cement and position the rocks. They didn't get done. Maybe half way, so we will probably help to build more later. 

I feel that we are starting to develop a pretty goo relationship with the members we live in back of. When I was with elder Shute we maybe visited with them once every three weeks or so. With elder Greene we have visited a couple times a week. They want to invite us over for lunch after church now. So we went over yesterday for lunch with them. We had pancakes and creeps. I helped to make the pancakes and I've learned how I'm not too great at flipping them or just cooking in general. I feel blessed to be in hawaii being fed nearly every day. The members of this ward are great. We get home cooked meals all the time and members love to have us over. I'm actually at one of the members homes right now to do emailing. Just great people out here.

Well we had another fun experience at church. On Saturday, we were talking with our bishop, and the bishops wife, asked if I could do a musical number for Easter Sunday (whatever, day before stuff is always fun). So we went over there and looked at some music. She suggested that I could just sing a song and she could accompany me. Soooo we printed off a song (I have not seen yet I believe) and played it through like two times and said we would go for it. Haha so I practiced the singing more so that night, but we just performed the musical number that next day. That was the first time I've ever sang in front of people before, so that was a little different. I think I could of done a little better, but it went all right. 

So another fun story, we found out that one of the children in the ward has no records of being baptized. So after a lot of phone calls and figuring out what is exactly going on, we have scheduled a re baptism to happen this Saturday. Technically it will be considered a convert baptism, but I feel like I'm doing barely any work to get this baptism. But hopefully it will turn out well. The family is inviting all their nonmember family to come so they can experience the church a little bit. Should be good.

Well hope all is well. Our landlords said that this summer, they plan to fly through Vegas maybe over night. I offered that they stay at our house. Hope you're okay with that. They said they have to figure out all the information first, but will let me know if they need a place to stay. 

Love you lots

Elder Nitta

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