Monday, March 10, 2014

Kukui Nuts are leis worn by Teachers here on the island

Madre - no need to apologize for not writing. I feel like I wrote Gavin and Logan almost zero times when I was back home. So I know that it takes some kind of dedication.

Glad you liked the package I sent home. It was fun trying to think of things to put in there. Though they're called 'kukui' nuts - leis that are worn by teachers here on the island. All the missionaries get one when they get off the airplane. Hope you get a chance to look at some of the pictures in that calendar. There are lots of places that I've been to in there.

It's not fun being sick. I've had a couple of times when I got sick. One time on Maui, I was down for almost 2 weeks - it feels good to be better. Hope you're getting better. And hopefully you will be able to sleep better soon.

Haha funny names for the birds (chickens). Hopefully you'll get some good eggs! I can just imagine what Bella must think of the birds out there.

This week has been just another average week. Nothing super big happened really. Tuesday in our district meeting, I had a training on the importance of planning. It's really hard to get everybody motivated and involved when you only have 4 people in the district. But I feel like I was learning a lot as we were going through the training. There have been days when we don't get to plan much, but we still have great days because we are being directed by the spirit. But then I thought, well how much better could that day have been if we had planned everything out and we were directed by the spirit? The use of our time would have been much more effective. I feel like I have lots of moments where we learn a lot as we are teacing. You just say something, or the person you teach says something, and it makes you think of the topic in a different way. Well I love when I learn new things. I try to write down all the spiritual thoughts that come to my mind in a little book, but I feel like I may have missed out on a lot, because I don't always write it down. The hardest thing to do spiritually is to remember I think. So many times we get this huge spiritual outpouring and we never want to experience anything bad again, but that doesn't always last too long. haha

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Garr (the one from Cypress that Dallin knows). We did a bit of service for one of our Ward members. We had a power washer and were washing the house. Spayed the house to get all the dirt that was stuck on off of it. We were under a covering most of the time so water was raining down on us the whole time. Definitely got super soaked while I was there. They made a nice lunch for us. Some tuna tomato sandwich's on sweet bread and a sorbert ice cream float. We went down to the cliffs overlooking the ocean and had a nice relaxing time.

Our closest investigator to progressing is Patricia. She is basically stuck in that she is waiting for a spiritual enlightenment where she knows that all this is true. We challenged her to read from the Book of Mormon (like we always do) and testified that this is where you will be able to get your answers. I hope that she'll follow through with that commitment.

Church has been good. We lost our Sunday school teacher a couple weeks ago (he moved back to the mainland) and so our landlord (the Sunday school president) told us we would be teaching the class. I was okay with that, but when we got to church, our new ward mission leader and his wife had taken it upon themselves to teach the class. So far it's been good. We have been going over to our recent converts place every Sunday to continue teaching him. It's almost amazing to me to see how much he didn't know, but he still wanted to be baptized. I read a talk by Alvin R Dyer (Brother Dyer's father that was an apostle) and he talked about how we don't really need to go through all these lengthy lessons to make sure these investigators "know what they're getting into." If they have felt the spirit, they know they want to be a part of it and we should invite them to be baptized as soon as they feel that, or else the spirit could leave them and then they will lose the desire to join the church when the spirit isn't being felt int their life. well we baptized Sarapio super fast. He was basically going off of the desire that he knew he wanted to be a part of the church. He didn't know a lot about it, only very very basic stuff. But he continues to learn and continues to have a great time at church.

Well, hopefully our investigators will be able to start progressing more. We hope to see many new investigators from our members too. They have all been challenger by our ward mission leader, one by one in their homes, to simply pray for the opportunity to share to gospel. Hopefully it will lead to something!

Love you lots!

Elder Nitta

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