Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Shute is leaving the area and Elder Greene is coming in!

Aloha kakou!

Well, if you haven't been necessarily keeping track, this week is the week of transfers. So Elder Shute is leaving the area and Elder Greene is coming in. I think I met him once before. Came out with Elder Saunders, the missionary that I trained a couple transfers ago, I think. But the fun thing is that we will now be covering two areas. So the story is that the other elders in the next ward over have been having so many problems with their truck they have. (They have a truck, becasue their area is suuuuuppppper bumpy. Lots of dirt roads and stuff, more so than our area) The truck is in real bad shape and the mission would have to buy a new one rather than fix this one up, but the mission doesn't have enough money for that, so they are taking out both of the missionaries and having us take over the area. That means I'll be at church on Sunday for like 9 hours to go to both wards and to attend all the meetings.... haha but it will be fun. Looking forward to meeting new people and picking up the other elders work.

This last Friday, we had a wonderful lesson with one of investigators. She has been struggling a lot with progression, well, all of our investigators have been not progressing, but we brought with us one of the members in the ward. Basically we stressed the importance of the Book of Mormon and reading and praying about it. She told us that she would read just a little every day. then she told us, "well, I know I say that every time, but I will try." I feel like the lesson we had had the most progression from her in a while. Hopefully she can stay true to her commitment.

All of our recent converts are going super strong. We have lessons with a couple of them every week, and they all are really active and going. A couple of them are getting patriarchal blessings, and another is preparing for the temple. We have dinner at one of their houses on Sunday I think, where her husband is a professional cook in a 5 star restaurant in Kona. Last time, we had super good food (I think steak, salad and potato salad) and he said that it was hat he does with only a little time.Soooo I'm excited. Then we are starting to schedule a lot of our dinners with less active members. I think we have at least 2 or 3 less actives feeding us this week, so hopefully it will strengthen them and get them out to church when we visit them.

We were able to do service for one of our less active families this week too. They were being evicted from their place and needed to get out by Friday, so us and a couple families from the ward showed up to help pack the uhaul he had gotten. He is moving out to Pahoa (out of our ward boundaries) out in the middle of no-where. We went on this muddy dirt road for a long time, basically to get to his property back out there in the jungle. He is going to live in a trailer temporarily while he is building his place. I kinda feel bad for all the things that have happened to him. But hopefully he can get back on his feet. He was really grateful for the help that we provided.

While in ward council,  our members talked about these missionary experiences they have been having. They talked about these people that they are working towards getting an appointment with the missionaries, so our ward mission leader's efforts to inspire the ward are starting to take effect. And he has only visited maybe 5 or 6 families. But they all have people for us. We were able to have dinner at our bishop's house this last week, where one of the boys, Lehia, brought a friend over. We talked about the atonement and Christ. So the friend is coming to the Wednesday night activities and hopefully will start coming to church too, then the bishop is saying that he wants to help to get the parents in on the lessons too. Our ward mission leader has a couple of people for us to visit too. Lots of families are coming together to try to help us stay busy. They say, "if the missionaries aren't busy, it's our fault." I feel that that's almost bad for the missionaries to hear. Maybe some missionaries will think that they should jsut wait until someone tells them to go visit someone, but I hope that they continue to work hard.

Well later today, one of our investigators wants to take us pig hunting. It's been raining a lot so we might get a little wet. He goes with his hunting dogs and knives. Yes I'll try to be safe.

Love you lots. Hope all is well.

Elder Nitta

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