Monday, February 24, 2014

Th Big Island is Rural

Another week in paradise down

I am in a car, and the GPS helps to get around! I don't have one of those things that suctions it to the windshield though. Most of my area is pretty well laid out.

So this last week we didn't have the training plan delivered to us yet. (Each transfer, the president and the assistants write out a training plan. (This is given to the district leaders and it tells them what they should train on each week for district meetings.) So without the training plan, we were left to do whatever we wanted for our district meeting. So I decided to have a training on what it means to have real faith. I feel like some of the members of the district I'm in, are a little less motivated. But it's not too bad. They will get out and do things. They did take the sisters out of our district, so now it's a really small district. I don't remember if I told you or not, but there's an elder in my district named Elder Garr. He's from Cypress and apparently he was best friends with Devon. Funny how it's a small world. Oh and I was also wondering: I remember Uncle rick doing a little party trick where he had a banana that he was throwing up and down for like a minute, then when he opened it, it was cut neatly into slices. Wondering if you know how that one was done???

Each week I report to the ZLs on how the district is doing. I tell them mostly what their statistics are for the week. The new zone leader on the island (at least our half) is from Round Mountain, Nevada. Wooh! Haha not many people are from Nevada.

The Big Island is really rural. I think I've mentioned before that it's a drive to get to a decent place to shop. I feel like I would rather live in more of a city.  It's really weird to me that we live half an hour out of town, where most tourists are, and yet we have visitors every week. In my other Wards, where we were a lot closer to where tourists stayed, I never saw any visitors come to church or rarely ever. But for some reason people will come all the way out into the country to have church. And the people are usually really nice. Just yesterday, we visited one of our investigators. He was out on his lawn with some friends, drinking his beer. I was kinda expecting him to say for us to come by some other time, but he let us stay and talk for a little while. We only left because we could go see other people, but I'm sure he would let us stay longer had we been able to. Really nice guy. It's just hard to get a lesson in with him....

We haven't been able to get too many new investigators. We are hopefully going to have some more teaching going on with our new ward mission leader. He is dedicated to getting us more people to teach regularly. But so far, we haven't done too much with that.

This last week we had a dinner with a sister in the Ward that normally can't have us over for the same reasons as you. But she invited her friends over, so we got to have a dinner in her home. One of her friends was a less active member, and the other was a non-member. He didn't really believe in Christ or organized religion, but I thought it was a good start. And now they want to have us over for dinner sometime. Should be fun.

Hopefully the new babies in the family won't be scared of me when I first meet them haha....

Well in three days it will be the halfway mark for me. Weird to think that I've been out a year now. Thinking that half the missionaries have now been out less time than I have is weird. Oh well. I just keep going along.

Not many of our investigators are progressing, but hopefully we can change that. We have super solid recent converts. They're going strong. The members are super nice. Great people.

Well love ya lots. Hope all is well on the home front.

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