Monday, February 3, 2014

So it Snow's in Hawaii...

Aloha, so turns out it snows in Hawaii.... haha

This morning for P Day, we went up to Mauna Kea (One of the mountains that form The Big Island) to watch the sun rise. It was like haleakala again haha. It was well below freezing and snow was all over the ground at the top of the mountain. Super freezing cold at 14,000 feet up.  There was a big group of Japanese tourists up there on that mountain with us, so I tried talking a little to some of them. It was a very short conversation, but they complemented my speaking skills... haha now that is funny.

Our Chuukes investigator is getting baptized this weekend. Saturday at 5. The lessons with him are always great. Sometimes it gets hard to understand each other, so we found someone in the ward that can speak Chuukese. He was taought by missionaires a long time ago, but then he moved away from Chuuk and never met with missionaries again. Then one of our recent converts just met him in town and stated talking with him. he inveited our investigator to church and now he wants to be baptized. It's a great testimony to see him readily accept anything we say. If a person has a testimony of this gospel, they will accept anything that you tell them. No commandment will be too hard to live. They will know that they have to do it and will live it.

So it should be a great weekend. Not too many of our other investigators are progressing. We have one of our other investigators that has made it to church once. We dropped off a Book of Mormon a couple of weeks ago and her mom had been reading. I think she has made it past Ether now. Soooo she's been having lots of questions. Hopefully she can progress.

I don't think I've ever told you about the little sandwich shop we eat lunch at almost every day. Really cheap sandwiches - really good stuff. Another one we should go visit sometime if we ever come back.

We have had lots of visitors to our ward. I feel like there are more tourists coming to this ward than any other wards I've been in. There were like 4 families that came to church out in the middle of no where, versus no families ever coming to the wards right next to Waikiki or on Maui right in town... oh well it is great seeing the chapel packed.

Well I don't have too much time but I'll see what is at Walmart today. Hope all is well. Love you lots!

Elder Nitta

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