Monday, January 27, 2014

We are teaching the most humble Chuukese man!

Well today has been a fun one. 

P Day today - we went up to Waipi'o Valley, towards the top of the big island, and we helped a guy with his family's taro farm.  So this morning was spent in the mud pulling weeds and getting dirty... haha it was fun though. Most people just had mud all over them! I guess I learned that so much work goes into keeping the taro farm growing. They have to keep it growing for about a year before they can harvest it. We did get to see an amazing beach that would be a great place to go if we ever visit the big island as a family. It has black sand and is pretty much deserted. It would definitely be an adventure getting down to it. You'll need a truck to get into the valley since it's like a 25% downhill grade. So a 4 wheel drive is a need. 

I did get my scriptures in the mail this past week. And I got a tie in the mail from Gav and Kelli. I think the reception tie - I like the color. I wore it to church and members liked it. Other than that I don't think I got a package from you... maybe today. We haven't been down to our place all day. I could probably print my Patriarchal blessing if you scanned it and sent it to me. That would be a good way to do it. 

Well, our investigator with is good for baptism on the 8th. He's going really strong. We had one of our members come and help us teach because he can speak Chuukese better than we can. But he is super happy about the baptism day.

We also had one of our other investigators come to church (Yay!). Although they came to the wrong meeting. They got mixed up with the time of the baptism the previous day, so the other elders came up to us after our church had ended and told us that they thought one of our investigators was there. So they have a date for the 22nd with him to be baptized. I  really hope it goes through. 

I did get to play a song during sacrament. A nice arrangement of Love at Home - sister Purcell would love it.

One of our members had a baby shower this past week. They invited the missionaries to come and say the prayer. Soooooo we got to come and eat all the food in exchange for saying the prayer. I thought it was funny, but we helped set up and take everything down before and after. 

As a mission, we are trying to read through the Book of Mormon in 80 days. So far I'm in Mosiah and I've been going strong since the new year. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up. 

I did get staff paper (music writing paper) in the mail. I'm not sure who sent that to me... but it's nice. I've been able to write out some stuff in my spare time. 

Crazy to hear about all the babies that are coming into the family. Weird to think that Alayne is going to have a baby - I remember her babysitting us.  She'll be great.  I hope they will love me when I get back. 

Hope all is well. Love you! Keep going strong with reading. Remember to love all those around you. :)

Elder Nitta

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