Sunday, January 5, 2014

Aloha from the Island of Hawai'i!

Aloha from the Island of Hawai'i!

Sweet that the Pennington's called you! I certainly miss their family. I definitely want to go visit them sometime later. There were a lot of families in that Ward that I miss. Lots of families there that I'm sure would love to meet you!

As far as my stuff that was stolen; first and foremost, I just want scriptures. The GPS isn't as important. It would be nice to have a camera to take pictures of things. I am kinda bummed that I have lost about 2000 pictures from the first half of my Mission. I'm not sure if  I should even get one yet. Let me know if that's okay with you.

I was expecting to have half of my Mission in 2 areas, since I spent 6 months in Maui and then 4 1/2 on Oahu. But this Big Island I've been sent to is just super rural. My area is called Waikahe. There are a lot of people that speak more pidgin-kine talk. Thank goodness I can understand the people haha. There are no street lights in my area, and over half of it is on dirt roads. Our area is one of the smaller areas on the island, but it is still bigger than any area I've been in so far. We get a car so yay for me! Haha. It covers a place called Hawaiian Paradise Park. All the street lights on the island are supposed to leave no "light pollution." Whatever that is. So they are really dim, and different colors. The ones closer to my area are yellowish. The ones in the town of Hilo are all green. Kinda fun, but different. No signals in my area. My area goes down to the water. One of our investigators lives right next to the water, but it's not a beach,  more like rock and cliffs. If you fell in, you would probably be smashed pretty hard against the rocks. I have never been colder while on Hawaii. This last night it was freezing. I just have one balnket that I sleep with, and I was having trouble sleeping. It got somewhere in the high 50s - that's not really cold compared to Utah, but there's no heaters or AC's in our places, so we are stuck with the temperature around us. 

We live with some members, the Hanzahs. They have a huge guest house in the back of their place. It is super big, by far the largest diggs I've gotten on my mission, maybe like the size of our upstairs, or a little smaller. The family here has soooo many fruit trees. Things like Rabadons (yeah they are weird looking, spikey..) bread fruit, oranges, and more. The Hanzahs are a super nice family. The Ward is nice. There are a lot of younger kids. I don't really remmeber a lot of their names, but that will come in time. We have a few potential baptisms for this coming transfer, but most of their candidates have just recently been baptized. Hopefully we can find more people and see success. So far this area has had a lot more success than my last area. So many more people willing to sit down and talk with you.

I'm excited to see more of this island. Should be fun. 

Elder Nitta

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