Monday, December 9, 2013

To complain about heat in "winter."

Haha it's spelt Mele Kalikimaka but good job

Well life is going fun.  We had our ward Christmas party this last Saturday.  I was playing the piano for the program.  We had about zero practice or preparation for it, but it was fun.  They did a marionnette show on how the Christmas carol "Far far away on Judea's plain" was written. They just handed me an outline of the program and said to play it.  Haha and then in the middle of the performance, the bishop came up to me right before a song started and said we were switching the song to another one. Well it was fun.  We invited a bunch of investigators, but only one family showed up.  It was great to see them though. We had ham, a full roasted pig, and turkey for the main courses.  Salad and soup and desserts were good too.  We spent the whole night previous just setting up for the party.  They had bamboo trees draping over the eating area and big palm tree leaves on all the pillars.  Lots of lights and the stage was decorated pretty crazy.  They had a spot for Santa to come for the kids.  The other elders made me get in a picture with him. haha oh well.

Another one of our less active families works to clean up the Hawaii 5 0 Studio every night.  And they invited us to come with them one of these nights.  They have all these stories of how the place is haunted and crazy things happen when they were there. I'll have to let you know about any crazy things that happen.  That family is really great.  They have us over for dinner and cook whatever we want.  This last time was burgers.  Before that was steak and potatoes (potatoes are hard to come by in hawaii.  All you get is rice...)

As far as our missionary work, this week has been a little slow.  We weren't able to meet with a lot of our investgators. No one showed up for Sacrament. Hopefully this new week will go better. I just want to make sure to set a good example for Elder Saunders, my new missionary companion. I want to be able to see lots of success. When I first got to Hawaii, we had nothing going on for us, but by the time two transfers had gone by, we were able to see some baptisms.  hope that can happen with us. 

The weather has been pretty good.  Almost too hot though. Haha funny to complain about heat in "winter." But it's been good. Nice to be getting some sweat work when we're biking around all the hills in our area. I'm going to die when I go back to Utah. haha I feel like this biking thing has been good.  Getting me a little more in shape. I hope that I can not gain a lot of weight. It's been a while since I last weighed myself.... haha hope the scale doesn't break.

The sisters in my district might have a baptism coming up soon this week hopefully. The investigator actually lives a couple blocks from where we live, and she says she sees us biking around a lot. haha. Hopeflly that goes through. Then the other set of sisters in our district have a baptism at the end of the month. He's actually a man from Japan.  Around his 20s. I was able to talk with him for a little bit. I wish I actually knew Japanese haha. I forgot if I told you about the tracting story a little while ago. We were knocking some doors and a lady came out and said that she didn't speak English very well. So I ask if she spoke Japanese (Nihongo o hanasu koto ga dekimasuka?) She got all excited and started going off in japanese.  I didn't understand anything she was saying, so I just said, "Sorry i can't speak very much Japanese." Then asked if we could pray with her. and she said she was Catholic and didn't want to pray. Haha well it was a fun experience anyways. When we left, Elder Saunders was all confused. I was complaining that I couldn't understand anything she said, and he said, well if you feel that way, imagine how I feel.

We are still trying to find new people to teach. It's a slow process, but sometimes we find people through tracting. We are teaching one person we found our first night tracting. A family we ate dinner with last night said they know they need to find some people. I helpful hint I gave them was to look for opportunities to serve. Service is a great way to bring people into the gospel and open them up to the missionaries.

Hope all is well.  Love you lots

Elder Nitta

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