Monday, December 16, 2013

New investigator this week!


So I guess news about iPads reached you... Our mission has been abusing texting privileges a lot I guess. So our Mission President said that we won't get iPads until the mission can handle texting first. It could take until August when we get them (last I heard). I'm okay with that. I figure I'm pretty lucky to have what I have in the first place. Not a lot of missionaries have had cars, phones, or even bikes. So I'm good with just working the same way for a while.

Well some fun news is that we are allowed to skype on Christmas.  So we have found a family that is going to let us use their computers. So I'll probably be on sometime between 10am ad 2pm (Hawaii time) on Christmas day.  I'll let you know more next week.  We have a lot of plans to get together as a Zone and do fun activities.  Should be a fun couple of weeks.  Hopefully we will b able to get some missionary work done too... haha we have Christmas eve off after 2 pm, the all of Christmas day.  We have New Near's eve off after 5 and all of new year's day.  So lots of time off.

Well this week we had 2 of our investigators at Church.  It was surprising to see one of them there though.  The last lesson we had with her was kind of frustrating.  She was asking so many questions and arguing a lot of her opinions.  The lesson didn't seem to go anywhere.  She told us she is probably going to get baptized, but we want her to be able to feel the Spirit and know that it's the right choice. Oh well, but it was good see her there.  The other investigator was our eternal investigator. Still hasn't shown much progress.

We were able to find a new investigator this week.  He was a referral from one of the senior couple office missionaries. He works at a health clinic where the senior sister over medical stuff goes a lot.  She talked to him there and got his address.  We went over and talked for just a little.  He seems super genuinely interested.  He said he likes how we tell him to read the Book of Mormon and find out for himself that it's true. I think he can have a lot of potential.

We had lots of baptisms this last weekend in the Zone. One from the Sisters in my District. She was a super nice lady, liked to talk a lot so the baptismal interview took a while, but it was good.  She talked about how she was learning from the Jehovah's Witnesses for about 10 years but never did anything.  Then after a couple of months with the Mormons she got baptized,  haha super nice lady. The was a baptism for a whole Chuukese family of 7 this weekend too.  And I was the one who had to do all of the interviews....  It was crazy doing it all.  Everyone was running late and the baptism started almost an hour late. It's funny comparing the 2 baptisms.  The Sister's was well put together and prepared for, and the Elders was kinda thrown together last minute. I played piano for both of them. Fun day we were super late to our dinner appointment after. I felt kinda bad. But the baptism went super late.  We have been having a lot of ward Christmas parties too. It's been fun getting around the zone and seeing everybody.

We were going to go on a hike today over in Hawaii Kai, but when we got there, there were signs around saying no tresspassing and there was a huge gate around the start of the trail.  It wasn't there before.... haha but we went down to a blowhole thing to take pictures and look at the water.  We had lunch at the Costco over there. 

Hopefully this next week will be good. We have been struggling to find a lot of new people to teach, but it's starting to look up. I have faith that it will be well.  Love You.  Wait I think I remember how to say it in hawaiian.  Aloha ia te oe.  I think.... haha

Elder Nitta

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