Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome Elder Saunders from Vale, Oregon!

Another week down!

It's been a good week.  The new missionary I got is Elder Saunders from Vale, Oregon.  He's a good kid.  It's been great getting out and working with him, though it's been rough being on bikes again.  It's not bad, it's just that you have to organize time better, and it's not like you can just go visit whoever you want.  If you want to go to the opposite side of the area, you just have to plan to spend a lot of time there.  Though I am grateful for the bikes.  It does help to get around.  i realize that that's probably all Gavin had on his mission. 

We are hoping to get this area up and running again.  It's been slower with some less motivated missionaries being in it lately.  So it's like starting from ground zero again.  That's what me and my trainer did on Maui too.  And we saw plenty of success by the end of the transfers we spent there.  I hope to be able to see more here.  And we already have a couple people that we are working with.  Granted they aren't really making lots of progress, but that can change.

One of our investigators came to church, one that I wasn't really expecting to come.  He's of the mindset that he needs to be married to a Mormon girl before he can get baptized.... yeah well tat'll be fun.  But it was good to see him.  Last night as I was collecting numbers from the district, one of the sisters asked if she could do anything for us.  Jokingly I said to find a 40 year old girl that is looking for a 40 year old Korean man to marry.  haha Well she got super excited and said that she will go around the ward and keep her eyes open haha. 

One cool thing that happened was when we went to visit a referral we had received.  Turns out the referral was already a member, but they told us to go visit their neighbors after we asked if they knew anyone to teach, so we did.  They let us in and said a prayer with us, and we set a return appointment!  They lady was super nice and excited, so hopefully we can see some progress!

Another fun thing was that me and my new "son" went tracting the first night together.  We went down just a random street nearby our house, and we were able to find a solid potential investigator.  She told us to come back so we can talk more!

We are having a ward Christmas party on the 7th.  The bishop asked if I could play the piano as a musical number, so I got some music from a lady in the ward.  The main thing for the party is going to be a marrionette show. about a Christmas carol.  It looks like it's going to be fun!  Also me and another Elder (From Tonga) want to go around closer to Christmas time and go carolling with our ukuleles.  Should be fun.  I'm excited to see what potential we might find.  haha

Well hope your week has been fun.  Mine has been gettig better.  We get fed by a Tongan family today, which means a lot of food.  haha Life is great Love you!

Elder Nitta

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