Monday, November 4, 2013

We have a third Missionary with us...

Aloha momma!

Sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday.  I'm just imagining how you used to freak out a little every time Gav and Log didn't email right on Monday.  Well, we went on a hike in the morning and then had a BBQ as a zone.  After the hike, we were running around trying to get all needed supplies ready.  It was fun.  We were at Kapiolani park.  It's right across from Waikiki beach, in the Kaimuki area.  We played some fun ukulele jams and played some football...  Ate great burgers and hot dogs.

It's been a pretty eventful week, but pretty uneventful for our investigators.  So we now have a third missionary with us, Elder Thompson.  He'll probably be here till the end of the transfer in 2 weeks.  Something happened in his last area with people wanting to sue the church, so they had to take the missionaries out.  He's a good kid. 

Yesterday we had a really nice dinner with the Togiola (Tongeeolah) family.  They're getting married soon and are going through the temple.  They live in the Kahala area though (right next to ours), and for your info madre, the Kahala Ward and Hawaii Kai Ward (One more over from Kahala) are the highest tithing-paying wards in the world.  SOooooo it was a really nice house and we had some pretty good food too.  It was fun.  They had a little dog that kept on nibbling at our socks...

Then we had President interviews this last week.  Sister Warner brought a new surprise for us missionaries.  Apparently by Christmas time, all the missionaries will be able to have their own iPad mini to take around.  It will be ours to keep, so we are asked to pay $100 for it I think.  All of us were getting to play around on it.  Crazy how technology is going.  Soooo I don't know yet if I might need help paying for that.  I'll let you know.  I was also thinking that if we have the iPad, we could save PDF files on it.  I could have somebody scan some church music I have at home and then email it to be saved on the iPad.  I think I'll have to approve that with someone though.  Let ya know..

We did have a lesson this last week with one of our eternal investigators.  He's been coming to church for over 3 years now.  It was kinda hard teaching him, because he goes off on random trains of thought.  Basically, he thinks that all churches can be true, no concept of the importance of authority, but we told him that now is the time to decide if he wants to finally be baptized in this church, and told him to pray about it.  Hopefully next time he will hav a good answer for us. 

I did get my ATM card, but I don't remember a package from you... I did get one from Chelsea and from Ann.  Hmmmm Hopefully it's not lost in the mail...

Thanks for being awesome always!  Love you most!

Elder Nitta

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