Monday, November 11, 2013

This is time to be strengthened as a Missionary


So this week has been just another week in the mission field.  We went on zone exchanges Saturday. We already have three Missionaries in our ward, but they put 2 more in the area with us for the day. We had Elder Cornum from Utah somewhere, and Elder Bawden from Utah somewhere.  Haha lots of Utah people.  Oh well there's a couple of missionaries from all around in the zone.  Two from Kiribati, a south Pacific set of islands.  One from Saipan, close to Japan, one from Chuuk, another island in Micronesia.  But most are from mainland, with the overwhelming majority as Utah folk.  Well we got to meet with a couple of our investigators on the exchange.  It was fun being with some other people. But 5 people in one apartment was a lot.  We had a blow up mattress the 2 beds, the couch taken, and one slept on the floor.  Haha oh well.

We're coming to the close of another transfer. It ends in a week, so next email will be the last of the transfer.  I hear they are thinking about splitting the ward I am in.  They did that to the ward I was in on Maui too, but I guess we'll find out.  Four missionaries in the ward was fun, but we had to start finding a lot more people to teach and work with.  At least this time we have a car to use.  A little bit easier to get around, although I feel like I miss the bike.  I definitely got more exercise while I was on Maui haha, but surprisingly, I'm still at my starting weight.  I think I actually gained some weight while I was on Maui, but have gone back down since then.  I think it's good though that we don't have a scale in our pad.  

Well as far as the packages, you don't have to send a bunch of candy.  I feel like most of it just sits in the apartment until other missionaries come and eat it.  I do feel like I am eating a lot better out here, compared to home.  For example, last night for dinner there was a linguini salad that I helped myself to.  A member on Maui just fed us a salad for a lunch one time.  Though I'm still don't like mushrooms, and cucumbers aren't my favorite.  Tomatoes are okay, but lettuce is generally good.  Haha I liked a strawberry vinaigrette dressing we had a a member's house.  

Being district leader is good.  It's not too much responsibility.  I just do trainings and go on exchanges with those in my district.  Make sure everyone is good.  I do feel that I can sometimes put in more thought into the weekly trainings that I do.  This last week I had zero time to prepare, but it went well.  It's good though.  The sisters in our district always say that I do good trainings, although I feel that I get persecuted sometimes from some elders, because they want to do fun things for "trainings," but most of the time I just talk about the whatever we're supposed to do, do role plays.  Oh well, I'm just trying to do it as I have been told to.  To me it's a time to be strengthened as a missionary, but so many people see it as an opportunity to get together with other missionary friends.  Grrrr I try to do what is right.  

Today is Veteran's day (I think) so I'm at the apple store in the mall emailing now.  All the libraries and community centers are closed down.  Lately in Honolulu it's been raining all day.  We get text alerts on our phone about flood warnings, and it has been going off nonstop.  Today has cleared up a lot.  Yeah I don't really like the rain all that much... haha Also got a haircut from another missionary today.  Oh this last week we got to go to another baptism in the zone.  The person that got baptized had to get approval from the first presidency for something, so he was waiting for about two months to get baptized.  It finally happened on Saturday.  They got a letter signed by the first presidency, cool... haha President Warner did the baptism.  Super cool.  It was funny, because I showed up about 5 or 10 minutes early. The sister who had been on the program to play the piano wasn't there (and she didn't get there until almost 10 minutes after the program startrf) so I hopped on the piano for a little prelude.  I went to sit down after the sister arrived, but the person announced that I would be playing the piano.  Me and the sister had a 2 second argument about who should go up there, but I ended up going and playing. haha it was fun.  At church I played some prelude and the opening song for opening exercises in priesthood on the organ.  Several members came up and said that they really appreciate me playing.  Oh and I guess Elder Kukuchiki of the seventy was at our ward this Sunday.  I didn't get to talk to him though.... oh well haha

Fun week.  I'm exciteted for the new transfer though.  Thanks for all your love.  Oh a thing I wanna get is some new shirts.  Ive notice the 100% cotton shirts get super wrinkled super easy.  About half of them are that material.  The other shirts are good, they're like 55% polyester and 45% cotton or something like that.  Think I might buy some soon.  

Love you lots!

Elder Nitta

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