Monday, October 7, 2013

Those that sin knowingly are under greater condemnation - I know what I do wrong and I should fix it!

This last week has been pretty decent.  The work isn't quite as good as I want it to be, but we have made a little progress this week.  Hopefully we have a strong potential investigator that we're going to meet with tomorrow.  

Our strongest investigator though is a lady we met just a couple of weeks ago.  I think I mentioned her in some other emails.  We watched conference with her, just the last session.  She was tearing up during the closing hymn by the choir.  (I felt pretty moved by it.  Super pretty arrangement of one of my favorite hymns)  We had a lesson after conference and like in all other lessons, she started to cry and wants to make the gospel a part of her life.  She readily accepts any commitment we give her.  We talked about the Spirit a lot, and told her how the Spirit has been with us in every lesson, and especially in conference.  She could definitely feel it, and told us that she felt there was something different.  She went to catechism and she never felt like her questions were answered, but now everything we talk about makes sense to her.  The only potential hold up is that her fellowshipper is kinda flakey.  She often comes late to appointments, and that's hard because she's the ride for our investigator....  well we have a baptismal date for the 26th of October, so hopefully that will happen. :)

Conference was pretty great.  I really liked Uchtdorf's talk.  Though we didn't get to see the Sunday morning session (I hear that was the best session).  Hopefully I can get those talks soon.  I feel more and more moved by the music every time I listen to Conference.  Mostly the Tabernacle choir (sadly I feel like I critique the other choirs a lot because they're just frankly not as good.... haha but MoTab really is great) so I feel really annoyed when other people are talking around me a lot and I can't hear.  Grrrr! I guess not everyone can have the same appreciation for certain things.  I feel like I have a goal to be a part of the music in Conference someday, whether on an organ or in the choir....  

Well, this transfer has gone by pretty quick.  Though I wish more could have been accomplished sometimes.  I guess I just have to move forward with new motivation.  I'm getting a new companion so that should change something up.  Hopefully the new one is ready to work.  We had zone exchanges this last Friday.  I was with one of the new missionaries in my area.  I hope that I can set a good example, I guess I get annoyed with myself when I don't do things as I know they should be done.  I've been reading in 3 Nephi (along with the Doctrine and Covenants and the Old Testament [I have so far read the Book of Mormon, the New Testament, Our Heritage, True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness, and Jesus the Christ on the mission]) and it mentions in there that the Nephites did not sin in ignorance.  They knew exactly what they were doing wrong.  I know what I do wrong, and I should fix it.  Those that sin knowingly are under greater condemnation yeah?  Haha well I hope I can improve each and every day to be the best I can be.

I think for today's P-Day we are going to a members house in Hawaii Kai (a city on the eastern most part of Oahu).  I hear it's super pretty.  I hope to send some more pictures.  

Well I hope all is well back at home.  Love you!

Elder Nitta

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