Monday, October 21, 2013

This week has been a slower one...

Aloha Momma

It's bitter sweet to hear about Jiichan. I know he's gone through a lot,
but it's good that now he can rest.  I hope Baachan will be doing well.
Hope she won't be worried too much.  I hope that the family in general will
be doing well.

This week has been a slower one.  Not necessarily bad, but we weren't able
to meet with a lot of people.  Our investigator Stephanie didn't show up to
church.  Her fellowshipper came, which is good because she is a less active
member, and she brought her boyfriend along, who isn't a member.  We will
hopefully start teaching him soon.  We have a scheduled lesson with
Stephanie on Tuesday so hopefully she will be doing well, and still wants to
learn more.

Another investigator, Jinho, came to church.  Good to see him there, though
I don't think he will get baptized very soon.  He's very set on getting a
Mormon wife before he gets dunked.  We try to tell him that he's doing it
in the wrong order, that he should get baptized first so he can go to the
temple and get sealed sooner, but he wants to get married first.  At least
he's set on a Mormon wife though.  He says that they have good values...

Other than that, not much has happened with the work.  We are trying to
build the trust with our Ward through service.  I guess some
previous missionaries had not done well, and the Ward had lost the trust
there.  Hopefully the disconnect will be improved.

I've been able to be with my actual companion this week.  I feel like I
have been able to get along with him the most out of all the companions I
have had thus far.  He has gone through a lot of trials in his life,
similar to me, like losing a father.  He seems down sometimes though, don't
know if that's because he is near the end of his mission (ends in February)
or whatever.  He says he's envies me for being happy and being able to deal
with death "so easily."  I hope I can help lift his spirits. But he's a
great companion.  We've been able to get along really well.

Well sorry not much has happened this week.  Hope home is good.  Love you

Elder Nitta

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