Monday, October 28, 2013

The Missionaries are asked to be judges for the Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving contest

I feel like the 'Aloha' is getting old.... Well hi!!

It's been a very fun week.  Lately, in church every Sunday, for the past month or so, the Bishop has been reading a letter to the Priesthood and Relief Society about a bill trying to be passed in Hawaii that allows the legality of gay marriage.  Basically telling everyone that we need to be involved politically and take a stand.  The exemptions mentioned in the bill are very loose apparently for religious organizations, and, if pushed, it could jeopardize the ability of our Bishops' to perform marriages, and might have the possibility of being brought to the temple.  The starting session and hearings are beginning today, so many of our members are going down to the federal building to voice their opinion.  It will be crazy to see what happens and the consequences that follow.

We have a Ward Halloween/Trunk or Treat activity going on this Tuesday.  Us missionaries were asked to be judges for the costume and pumpkin carving contests.  Should be fun, I'm excited.  I think for Halloween we will probably have to be in earlier.  For all major holidays we usually stop proselyting early.  Like on the 4th of July, we stopped at 4 and then went to go watch fireworks as a Zone.  Haven't heard yet though when we will stop on Halloween.  We already have families signed up that want to feed us for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I guess I'm grateful that I get fed almost every day, but I think I have gained something like 5-10 pounds so far.... grrrr.... I need to be more diligent about exercising.

Well we had our investigator Stephanie come to a baptism this last Saturday.  She really liked it, and still seems like she wants to go through with her baptism.  But again, she didn't make it to Church.  Every time she says she wants to go, I guess something comes up and they don't make it.  Grrrr Sometimes I don't know what else I can do to help these people....   Other than that, not much is happening with many of our investigators.  We've been just trying to find ways to consistently meet with them.  I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders on Saturday.  That was a fun experience.  He's a brand new Zone Leader so he's still learning too. 

I just passed 8 months out in the mission field.  Crazy how fast time is going by.  At times it seems like it slows to a near halt, but always seems fast.  Everything is going well and I'm pretty happy.  Hopefully we will see some progress in investigators. Chelsea sent a package so that was great.  Love you lots and give thanks always for the wonderful parents I have!

Elder Nitta
Me and my Companion

My 'son' and his 'son'

Our Beautiful Temple in Hawaii
Chelsea's Birthday Gift to me 
Our District

A hike we went on for PDay

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