Monday, October 28, 2013

The Missionaries are asked to be judges for the Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving contest

I feel like the 'Aloha' is getting old.... Well hi!!

It's been a very fun week.  Lately, in church every Sunday, for the past month or so, the Bishop has been reading a letter to the Priesthood and Relief Society about a bill trying to be passed in Hawaii that allows the legality of gay marriage.  Basically telling everyone that we need to be involved politically and take a stand.  The exemptions mentioned in the bill are very loose apparently for religious organizations, and, if pushed, it could jeopardize the ability of our Bishops' to perform marriages, and might have the possibility of being brought to the temple.  The starting session and hearings are beginning today, so many of our members are going down to the federal building to voice their opinion.  It will be crazy to see what happens and the consequences that follow.

We have a Ward Halloween/Trunk or Treat activity going on this Tuesday.  Us missionaries were asked to be judges for the costume and pumpkin carving contests.  Should be fun, I'm excited.  I think for Halloween we will probably have to be in earlier.  For all major holidays we usually stop proselyting early.  Like on the 4th of July, we stopped at 4 and then went to go watch fireworks as a Zone.  Haven't heard yet though when we will stop on Halloween.  We already have families signed up that want to feed us for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I guess I'm grateful that I get fed almost every day, but I think I have gained something like 5-10 pounds so far.... grrrr.... I need to be more diligent about exercising.

Well we had our investigator Stephanie come to a baptism this last Saturday.  She really liked it, and still seems like she wants to go through with her baptism.  But again, she didn't make it to Church.  Every time she says she wants to go, I guess something comes up and they don't make it.  Grrrr Sometimes I don't know what else I can do to help these people....   Other than that, not much is happening with many of our investigators.  We've been just trying to find ways to consistently meet with them.  I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders on Saturday.  That was a fun experience.  He's a brand new Zone Leader so he's still learning too. 

I just passed 8 months out in the mission field.  Crazy how fast time is going by.  At times it seems like it slows to a near halt, but always seems fast.  Everything is going well and I'm pretty happy.  Hopefully we will see some progress in investigators. Chelsea sent a package so that was great.  Love you lots and give thanks always for the wonderful parents I have!

Elder Nitta
Me and my Companion

My 'son' and his 'son'

Our Beautiful Temple in Hawaii
Chelsea's Birthday Gift to me 
Our District

A hike we went on for PDay

Monday, October 21, 2013

This week has been a slower one...

Aloha Momma

It's bitter sweet to hear about Jiichan. I know he's gone through a lot,
but it's good that now he can rest.  I hope Baachan will be doing well.
Hope she won't be worried too much.  I hope that the family in general will
be doing well.

This week has been a slower one.  Not necessarily bad, but we weren't able
to meet with a lot of people.  Our investigator Stephanie didn't show up to
church.  Her fellowshipper came, which is good because she is a less active
member, and she brought her boyfriend along, who isn't a member.  We will
hopefully start teaching him soon.  We have a scheduled lesson with
Stephanie on Tuesday so hopefully she will be doing well, and still wants to
learn more.

Another investigator, Jinho, came to church.  Good to see him there, though
I don't think he will get baptized very soon.  He's very set on getting a
Mormon wife before he gets dunked.  We try to tell him that he's doing it
in the wrong order, that he should get baptized first so he can go to the
temple and get sealed sooner, but he wants to get married first.  At least
he's set on a Mormon wife though.  He says that they have good values...

Other than that, not much has happened with the work.  We are trying to
build the trust with our Ward through service.  I guess some
previous missionaries had not done well, and the Ward had lost the trust
there.  Hopefully the disconnect will be improved.

I've been able to be with my actual companion this week.  I feel like I
have been able to get along with him the most out of all the companions I
have had thus far.  He has gone through a lot of trials in his life,
similar to me, like losing a father.  He seems down sometimes though, don't
know if that's because he is near the end of his mission (ends in February)
or whatever.  He says he's envies me for being happy and being able to deal
with death "so easily."  I hope I can help lift his spirits. But he's a
great companion.  We've been able to get along really well.

Well sorry not much has happened this week.  Hope home is good.  Love you

Elder Nitta

Monday, October 14, 2013

This week has been kind of crazy


This week has been kinda crazy.  It's the 'new transfer' week, and I got a new companion, at least for a while... There are Elders in a Tongan Ward in our district.  Their Ward covers 3 stakes so they have a car to drive around.  Buuuuuutttt neither of them had a drivers license. One of them is from Tonga and he needs to get an American license.  In order to do so, he has to get a social security number, but he can't get that for a couple of weeks because there's some government shut down thing going on... haha then the other missionary has autism (I think).  So I don't think they will let him drive.  Me and Elder Armstrong (my new companion from St George) have been just switching with them for the last few days.  I've been with the autisic one, sooooo I guess my patience has been tested a lot these past couple of days.  He's a great missionary and means well, but it's been kinda crazy to say the least.  I was really excited to get with Elder Armstrong because he's going home in about 4 months and wants to finish out his mission working hard, but it's been slowed up a bit... The office was planning on just switching us around, Armstrong in the Tongan ward and the other missionary with me, but we just heard that they're going to transfer him to another area in the zone.  I have just been praying for the faith to accept whatever call comes my way.  I know whatever happens will be for the best. 

Crazy to hear about all the fun you are having at home.  I can't believe that G'ma actually went skydiving.  I don't know if I would even do that.  Lots going on.  I hope Jiichan (haha I have been able to learn a little more japanese here...) and Baachan are doing well.  Crazy to hear about Benny Jr - what an amazing call to serve in Korea.  I hope he's ready.  I think one of my friends in my hall at BYU got his call to Korea too. His name was Elder Pickard - sooo tell Benny Jr to look out for him.

I thought you would have known about Ann having us write letters to her.  I hope what I wrote down real quick was worth while.  I was imagining writing to the youth, so I don't know if it made sense in older people's perspective... haha

Nobody showed up to church.  Our super solid investigator has a really flaky fellowshipper.  She means well, and is super close friends, but she is constantly running late to things which makes it a little frustrating.  Hopefully we can help her to continue to fellowship.  We talked in church to the Elder's Quorum about fellowshipping and Missionary Work.  We had no time to plan what to say, since me and Elder Armstrong were never together for the past few days.  But it went well.  I feel like I'm getting better at just making things up on the spot.

We have a General Authority coming this Wednesday to speak to us.  His name is Elder Schwitzer.  Should be fun.  I'm excited to hear what he has to say.  When Elder Holland came, it was super motivating.

So I haven't checked yet if the package has gotten here.  Normally I go to the mission office since it's in our Zone (right around the corner from where we live).  Hopefully something is there.  Thank you though.  Also, President Warner lives about 2 or 3 blocks away from our house. He told us a couple of weeks ago that he just realized that we lived so close and said that we should expect a visit sometime soon... Yeah we live in a rented out space under a person's house.  The person we rent from isn't a member.  The pad is super old though.  I think missionaries have been there for a while.  The place has gotten a lot of use to say the least...  I'm still in Kaimuki right outside of Honolulu.  Waikiki Beach (which is a missionary red zone) is partially in our area.  We are the most 'outside of the city' the Elders get.  There are two sets of sisters farther away from the city in our Zone, but all the rest of the Elders and Sisters are in the area with a ton of apartment high rises and stuff.

Doing good.  Hope all is well with the family.  Love you lots!

Elder Nitta

Monday, October 7, 2013

Those that sin knowingly are under greater condemnation - I know what I do wrong and I should fix it!

This last week has been pretty decent.  The work isn't quite as good as I want it to be, but we have made a little progress this week.  Hopefully we have a strong potential investigator that we're going to meet with tomorrow.  

Our strongest investigator though is a lady we met just a couple of weeks ago.  I think I mentioned her in some other emails.  We watched conference with her, just the last session.  She was tearing up during the closing hymn by the choir.  (I felt pretty moved by it.  Super pretty arrangement of one of my favorite hymns)  We had a lesson after conference and like in all other lessons, she started to cry and wants to make the gospel a part of her life.  She readily accepts any commitment we give her.  We talked about the Spirit a lot, and told her how the Spirit has been with us in every lesson, and especially in conference.  She could definitely feel it, and told us that she felt there was something different.  She went to catechism and she never felt like her questions were answered, but now everything we talk about makes sense to her.  The only potential hold up is that her fellowshipper is kinda flakey.  She often comes late to appointments, and that's hard because she's the ride for our investigator....  well we have a baptismal date for the 26th of October, so hopefully that will happen. :)

Conference was pretty great.  I really liked Uchtdorf's talk.  Though we didn't get to see the Sunday morning session (I hear that was the best session).  Hopefully I can get those talks soon.  I feel more and more moved by the music every time I listen to Conference.  Mostly the Tabernacle choir (sadly I feel like I critique the other choirs a lot because they're just frankly not as good.... haha but MoTab really is great) so I feel really annoyed when other people are talking around me a lot and I can't hear.  Grrrr! I guess not everyone can have the same appreciation for certain things.  I feel like I have a goal to be a part of the music in Conference someday, whether on an organ or in the choir....  

Well, this transfer has gone by pretty quick.  Though I wish more could have been accomplished sometimes.  I guess I just have to move forward with new motivation.  I'm getting a new companion so that should change something up.  Hopefully the new one is ready to work.  We had zone exchanges this last Friday.  I was with one of the new missionaries in my area.  I hope that I can set a good example, I guess I get annoyed with myself when I don't do things as I know they should be done.  I've been reading in 3 Nephi (along with the Doctrine and Covenants and the Old Testament [I have so far read the Book of Mormon, the New Testament, Our Heritage, True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness, and Jesus the Christ on the mission]) and it mentions in there that the Nephites did not sin in ignorance.  They knew exactly what they were doing wrong.  I know what I do wrong, and I should fix it.  Those that sin knowingly are under greater condemnation yeah?  Haha well I hope I can improve each and every day to be the best I can be.

I think for today's P-Day we are going to a members house in Hawaii Kai (a city on the eastern most part of Oahu).  I hear it's super pretty.  I hope to send some more pictures.  

Well I hope all is well back at home.  Love you!

Elder Nitta