Monday, September 23, 2013

We are doing the Work of the Lord

Aloha Sister Nitta

So another funny thing just happened as far as people knowing Chelsea.  Chelsea's trainer Sister Haupeakui has a cousin on a mission right now here in Hawaii.  Met her today.  Asked her about her name and yep.  Thought it was pretty cool. 

Well we had a lovely visit from Elder and Sister Soares (of the presidency of the Seventy) and Elder and Sister Holland this last Saturday.  It was super good.  They all talked about being more devoted and working hard on our missions.  Of course Elder Holland chastized us a little, telling us to work harder, be more obedient, stuff like that.  But it was really great.  One thing he said that was really powerful was that we are doing the 'Work' of the Lord, not our work, and by so doing this is the most important thing that we are doing thus far in our life and probably the most important thing that will ever will do in our life, so we cannot go home unchanged.  He said we do not have the right to go home and act as if this mission meant nothing to us in front of the children, grand children, and great grandchildren of Elder Hollad.  We do not have the right to jeopardize the image of a missionary to anybody around us. 

Well they recorded the talk and are giving out CDs to all the missionaries, so if I can, I would love to send copies of it home and around to other missionaries. 

This week was okay, a little bit better than last.  We had 2 people come up to us at church and ask us to teach some of their family so we have a couple new investigators, but we need more.  The standard of excellence for our mission as far as new investigators is 4 per week, so we have room to grow.  Hopefully Elder Holland was able to motivate some missionaries here to work harder.

Elder Soares talked a little about that.  Saying that we can't ask for blessings if we aren't doing anything to cultivate that blessing.  If we want a miracle, we have to show the Lord our faith by going out and working.  He shared a story about 2 missionaries in Portugal that had spent the whole day trying to find people and teach lessons in the rain.  And right before the end of the day, they prayed that they can find success somewhere.  As they were still looking they found their new investigators and had their lessons right before the end of the day.  Elder Soares (then President Soares) invited them over for hot chocolate after the rain, and they said only if they met their goals would they come.  But they said they were one minute late in returning home on time, so they didn't go over to have their hot chocolate after their cold, wet day of working. 

I feel like in that case, it could have been so easy to go over and feel rewarded for achieving their goals, but another goal was to be perfectly obedient, but they were not obedient in their efforts to return home on time.  Sometimes I guess we expect blessings after we work hard.  But I don't think we are entitled to expect anything if we haven't put forth ALL of our effort.  The savior put forth all his effort.  He gave everything, didn't hold anything back. If we dare to say that we bear the title of a disciple of Jesus Christ, then we must expect to walk the path that he walked.  We are expected to give our all.  And only then, can we expect any miracle to occur for us.

Well this transfer is about 2/3rds done already.  It has gone by super fast.  I hope to continue to put forth my best effort.  Though I know I can always do more.  There is always a little bit more effort to give on my part. 


My Area


Mariner's Ridge


Well I love you so much.  Hope all is well

Elder Nitta

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