Monday, September 16, 2013

The Island of Oahu

Aloha momma!

Sooooo the big island is the 'Big Island.'  I'm on Oahu.  Oahu is the 3rd biggest island.  Maui being the second and the island of Hawaii being 1st. 

The hike was great last week.  It ended on top of the mountain that separated our zone (Honolulu) from Kaneohe.  It was crazy seeing over the mountain.  You could see all the way to La'ie.  I'll try to send pics soon.  This week (in a couple of hours) we are going to the Honolulu Zoo as a zone.  Should be fun.

District meetings happen every week.  Except we won't meet this week because of zone conference (every other transfer).  We are meeting up with a neighboring zone (Hon-West Zone) to have instruction from our leaders.  I don't know if you heard, but Saturday Elder Holland is coming to Hawaii. He is speaking in a conference to YSAs and the next day to all the missionaries.  I'm excited for this weekend.  We're putting together a missionary choir to sing there.  I'm going to be in it. 

Woah Grandma is kinda crazy.  Didn't know that she would do something like skydiving.... haha well that'll be fun for her I'm sure.  Crazy to hear that Gavin is thinking about marriage.... well I guess I'm coming home to another member of the family  :)  I'm sure Logan is fine.  Probably stressed but I have faith that he can get through.

I'm doing good.  This new area is going pretty slow.  I thought that Maui was slowing down when I left, but there's not much here in comparison.  Simply put, we need more people to teach.  A couple of transfers ago, I hear that the missionaries here destroyed the Ward's trust so it's been a lot of our job building that trust up, and getting with members to give us referrals.  Hopefully it can start going a little more. 

Nothing too exciting happened this week.  Some of the investigators that we do have, said that they were planning on coming to church, but no one showed up.  President and Sister Warner spoke in our Sacrament meeting.  Good to hear them talk about moving the work forward.  Hopefully it motivated the Ward a bit.  I also played a musical number this sunday.  Went good.  I just thought it was funny that the sister that asked if I would play had actually never heard me play before that when I played at Sacrament.  Someone had faith in me or something.  haha

Well I haven't gotten a package.  I'll be looking though.  Thank you for all your love and support.  Know that somebody is always praying for you :)

Elder Nitta

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