Monday, September 9, 2013

Having Dinner on the 23rd Floor of an Apartment - Beautiful View of the Island

Talofa Mama

The city life is going well.  A lot more people here for sure.  The other day we had a dinner/lesson in a apartment building on the 23rd floor...  it was crazy looking around up there and seeing so much of the island.  We are planning on going on a hike in a couple of hours and I'm excited to see whether it's comparable to Maui. 

The stake president came up and talked to me yesterday.  He said that he was having Uncle John and Auntie Teri over for dinner.  He said he would invite me over, but the mission president suggested he not do that.  haha... Well I had a nice dinner with a family in the ward instead.  It's a huge family, probably as big as ours and they get together every Sunday to have a dinners together.  It was fun getting to know them.  So I didn't get to see Uncle or Auntie - it's all good though.  I'm doing well. 

So, one of the ladies in the ward asked if I could play a musical number in Sacrament for next week.  I think it's funny because no body in the ward has actually heard me play anything, they just hear from somebody that I can... hopefully they won't be disappointed.  They just called one of the youth in the ward to play the piano during Sacrament so I'm off the hook there :)  News has it that the AP's are now going to be coming to our ward.  They didn't have a proslyting ward and they wanted to be able to do some missionary work, so they have taken a small portion of our area to work in.  So now I get to see President Warner and the APs at church.  It is kinda weird being so close to the mission office.  We go there several times in the week to see some people.  The zone here is a lot smaller though.  About 20 missionaries.  In Maui we had 30. 

It's been fun being DL.  I feel like it's definitely a learning experience so far.  We have to prepare for our trainings every week.  I'm planning on going on exchanges with the other elders in our district this week too.  In the past, we had always held our district meetings together as a zone.  We would all get together and just separate to districts after an intro of announcements and stuff.  But now to consolidate on miles people have to drive, they want all the mission to do the majority of their district meetings separate from all the other districts.  That means that I'm going to have to set up everything for the weekly meeting.  Just more responsibility.  Should be good hopefully.  And the sisters are doing well.  Nothing to worry about.  I hear if you serve in La'ie, that the sisters are a lot more to deal with.  They have the Visitor's center sisters.  I've heard the zone leaders be referenced as relief society presidents.  Something like 30 sisters and 10 elders.  Now that would hard for sure!

Well I feel that this new area needs a lot of work.  We need to get out more.  Get new investigators and find more potential investigators.  Well I hope I can stay motivated and motivate my comp to work harder to do our missionary work.

It's been kinda hot recently, like 90s.  Not nearly as hot as home I'm sure haha.  Then the winter will be a little chilly, like 70s, haha.  I can't wait, it should be good.  I'm thinking I need to get a sweater or something soon. Hint Hint mamasan. 

Well I'm enjoying a car.  Oh funny thing.  Wailuku, where I just came from, just got a car.  I spent six months there riding up hills on the bike and then right when I leave, they get a car... haha oh well.  It was good for me. 

Hope all is well.  Love you all the time.

Elder Nitta

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