Monday, September 2, 2013

Aloha from Honolulu

Aloha from the city!

I'm in the Honolulu Stake, in the Kaimuki Ward.  Basically the southeast corner of the island.  The mission office is in our zone.  President Warner goes to the Ward right before us.  We meet at 1:30 and he at 11:30 so we get to see him a lot.  My companion is Elder Moosman, from Idaho.  He has been out about a year.  The district I cover has another set of elders and 3 sisters.  Fun stuff.

So at church, 3 people came up to me saying they know someone in the family.  Some person from Cypress, then a brother Kanetsuna knew of Uncle Gene, and the Stake President Wong knows a lot of the family as well.  He said that Uncle John and Auntie Teri are coming to Hawaii this week sometime for the 50th anniversary of the PCC.  Who knows, I might get to see them... :)

I have a car now!  Apparently right before I arrived they didn't have a car, but just got it about a week ago.  It's a bitter sweet thing momma.  I feel like I might be prone to gain more weight now.  So far I've been fluctuating between my starting weight and 5 over.  Hopefully I will be able to control myself haha.

Oahu (at least Honolulu) is super different than Maui.  Maui was so rural in comparison.  So many more people here on this island.  Fun to see how the culture can change within the same state just on a different island.  I hear Kauai and the Big Island are super different.  

Well, we have a few investigators we're working with.  Two more solid potentials for soon.  Hopefully I can help get this area moving.  I am kind of sad to leave a lot of people back on Maui.  There were a couple of people so close to baptism back there.  Sad to say I won't see that happen...  But I'm here now and hopefully I can put my effort here.  

I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in church.  People said they appreciated it.  It'll be fun getting to know a whole new ward.  The organist just got "aloha 'oe"ed this last Sunday, meaning it was his last.  One of the members we had dinner at was the past organist, but they heard that I play. They said they'll put in the word to Bishop haha.  I don't know if I would be happy to do that again or not, but it's a fun way to practice.  

Well nothing too exciting has happened yet.  I hope that I will be able to email some good news soon. Keep going strong with your job and stuff.  But don't overwork yourself.  Hope all is well.  Love you most!

Elder Nitta

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