This week has been a little bit better than the last.  The area is starting to pick up a little bit, but of course we could always do better and have more people to teach.  This last week we committed one of our investigators to be baptized.  He really wants to find a Mormon wife to marry before he gets baptized.  We were trying to tell him that he would only have to wait longer to be sealed in the temple if he waited till after to be baptized, but now I think he's thinking maybe against that.  So we committed him to be baptized on the 19th of October. 
We just found another super solid new investigator this week too.  We were trying to find a former investigator in our records, and at this house a lady came out and told us that she has a friend for us to teach.  So we met up and she is soooo eager to learn more.  She was crying during the lesson at one point.  The spirit was so great and she accepted all the commitments we gave her.  Sad thing is that she didn't show up to church.... grrrr.... but I think she is ready to progress soon.  We committed her to the 26th of October for her baptism. 
Other investigators we have aren't really progressing very much.  Sometimes it's frustrating when they don't want to meet.  I feel like it would be so much easier if all the investigators that are shaky would just tell us if they really wanted to meet instead of just "being nice" and continuing to meet but not progress. 
Transfers are coming up this next week.  Time sure does fly by.  I feel like I actually know this little part of the island I'm on now.  But yeah I haven't really seen much outside of Honolulu... haha well someday.  We went on a hike today up a mountain called Cocohead.  It's relatively short, but it's definitely one of the hardest hikes physically that I've been on.  It's a hike straight up the mountain.  The path is old railroad tracks, but it gets soooo steep.  At one part it goes over a ravine and you're just walking along the wood logs connecting the tracks with a 10 to 20 foot drop under you.  Definitely had to take some breaks along the way to catch my breath.  Great view though.  We watced the sunrise as a zone, got some pictures, made some nice tunes on the ukuleles.  Fun, but rough.  On the way down, there was a pack of army recruits or something going up.  They were all jealous that we were going down instead haha.  But there are some people that live here that climb up the mountain as exercise in the morning.  There was some 70 year old lady that went up, came down, then climbed back up again.  Haha crazy
So it's been fun here.  The APs serve in our ward part time so we see them a lot.  They come on our P Day activities and we see them at church.  They've been busy with transfers this last little bit.  The district I'm in is super good.  The other missionaries work hard, even the Elders in the Tongan ward (Elders in Tongan wards are usually known to slack off sometimes).  I try to call throughout the week to make sure all is going well with everyone.  We just had a baptism by our sisters this last weekend.  They had me play a musical number for them so that was fun.  They're all fun to be around.  There's not really anyone that I don't get along with.
Well it's crazy to hear about all dakine (stuff) going on at home.  Somebody's going to record the proposal yeah?  Haha well it's great.  Hope all goes well.  Or if it doesn't go well, I hope there will be a funny story to tell in the future :)
Work hard to have the Spirit with you always.  A scripture that I read recently that kinda struck me is D&C 58: 30-33 (I think).  It talks about obedience and blessings, and how we cannot expect any kind of blessing when we are not obedient.  Only when we do what the Lord has asked is when we can expect a blessing.  But that brings to mind a scripture in the New Testament in Philimon (Spelling) 1: 20 (I think... haha)  Peter is talking to Philemon telling him that he is writing a short epistle because he knows that he will do MORE than he has asked.  So we can't stop at just the required amount of work.  We have to try with all our heart to do everything we can do right. 
Love you always
Elder Nitta