Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun Run for Salvation today...

Talofa! (Samoan)

Sooooo this week was better than last.  We are starting to find some more serious investigators. Hopefully they will progress.  We had two hopes for potential baptisms this month, Jacob and Chazzen, but Jacob didn't come to church, soooooo we have Chazzen now.  He will get baptized.  I just hope I can be here for that.  I have one more potential Saturday here in Maui to have a baptism :(

Well next week I will know for sure if I'm leaving Maui.  I have made sure our investigators know we are willing to do anything to keep them progressing.  

We have one new family - super nice, and say they want to come to church and all the activities.  So far they haven't made it but they seem promising.  I probably won't be able to see them get baptized. The Spirit and the Lord will se to it that it happens.  

We also just found out that one of the families in the ward is friends with 2 families we are trying to teach.  We're hoping to use them to help fellowship.  

Today for P day we had a "fun-run for salvation."  We ran a mile for "baptismal awareness..."  Haha it was kinda funny.  I finished the mile first.... So at least I'm still a little in shape.  Then we had a slip n slide on a big hill right next to one of our chapels.  Fun stuff.  

Well  I'm hoping to finish in this area strong.  I want to commit all of our investigators for a baptismal date before I leave!  Hopefully I can make an impact.

Hope all is going well.  Love you for everything!

Elder Nitta

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