Monday, July 1, 2013

Work Smart, Not Hard!

Maloelele! (Tongan)
Great to hear you have had a wonderful week.  I have found that with sharing the gospel, the easiest way to share is to just start.  If you have the spirit with you, you don't need to worry about what to say.  It will come.  Just have the courage to speak.  I know that you know the gospel well.  The Holy Ghost can help you tell it to others.
I feel like I'm not working smart just hard.  (Gabel would always tell us to work smart, not hard)  I am exhausted each day and I feel that a lot of times we aren't as productive as we could have been.  I guess that comes with just knowing how to do missionary work.  I keep telling myself to learn something new every day until I go home. 
Well we have been struggling getting people to church.  I don't really know what to do with some people.  The solid ones can't meet too often, and the ones we work with all the time are really flakey on commitments.  It's just frstrating sometimes.  I wish I could work more effectively and know how to get more people to commit to things. 
We also just got our new Mission President, President Warner, yesterday.  I haven't met him yet of course.  That's part of the trouble of being stuck on an island.  I think it's funny how we can easily fly to our next area and we have to live out of suitcases under 50 pounds.  haha  The new President should be coming around to all the islands soon though. 
Nothing really new to report with our investigators - not enough is happening.  We were pushing one girl to get baptized by the end of last month, but it didn't go through.  We had a goal as a mission to reach 200 total baptisms for the month of June.  I'm not sure if we hit it or not though...  I was just hoping to contribute with that one girl. 
Well for today's p-day I think we're going to Lahaina to play glow in the dark mini golf.  Should be fun.  Tell Gavin not to get married yet.  I'm glad that Chelsea seems really happy from the 2 sentence emails I got from her when she was in the MTC.  Hopefully she'll email soon. Hint Hint...
Well Nofa 'atu (I love you in Tongan)  Hope all is well Momma!
Elder Nitta

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