Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slow Week

Talofa! (Samoan)

So I read a talk on Jesus Christ the other day called, "None were with him."  It's good.  You should read it if you have time... or if you don't have time, still read it.  :)

So I'm doing all right on the bike.  Actually having had some of the crashes kinda ruined one of my pairs of pants.  And then 3 of the other pairs of pants that I came out with are kinda small.  Not that I'm growing or getting fat, they always were kinda tight.  And kinda short.... I make do though.  

You know there was a missionary in my area a little while ago that was biking.  He apparently hadn't had enough water to drink that day, and passed out and ran into a telephone pole.  Broke his wrist and went to the hospital.  Soooooo I'm trying to make sure to drink lots of water.  People are always giving us water and food too so that's good.  

So this week our area has been pretty slow.  We had barely any lessons, and no investigators at church.  It's frustrating sometimes to see when you're putting forth your effort, but people don't pull through.  I could work harder, strive to be a better missionary, but I feel that I am putting forth my effort.  Perhaps I need to humble myself here.  Well I know I can't measure success by numbers, but the numbers of this week were kinda dissappointing.  It's all good though.  I'm still plowing along doing work.  Trying to save some souls.

A fun little experience this week was when we went to a guys house that we had previously done service for.  He was definitely drunk and wanted to tell us his life story.  We said a prayer with him and told him we would come back later with his daughter (a member of the church).  She was kinda frustrated with him but it was just kinda funny.  And the people living there with him were making fun of him while we were trying to talk.  Oh well.  It's been all right though.  

Well I"m looking forward to this next week.  It's the last week of this transfer.  We went to Hana (opposite side of the island) today. Went on the hike that had the 400 foot waterfall at the end.  Fun stuff.  We got back really late though (like 6).  Hopefully there will be more to talk about next week.  

Love ya lots.  Nofa 'atu!

Elder Nitta

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