Monday, July 29, 2013

Ofa Atu!

Aloha! (Didn't spend the last week searching out a new greeting....)

So the package finally came this last Saturday.  Thank you for sending it.  I will try to send more pictures haha.... again, I thank you so much.

This last week has just been another week.  Nothing really special has happened.  One of our investigators read our auras...  He said mine was a misty white and Elder Holyoak's was clear that kinda reflected the sun.  Not sure what that means...was anxious to get out of there and off that topic.  

One sad thing that has happened is we might have lost 2 of our investigators.  With one family, the mom told us to not come anymore.  With the other, the husband came out and told us this is a Catholic family and will always be a Catholic family.  With that investigator though, the wife said she would talk to him and see if we can still meet.  It's so hard to accept a loss like this.  All I can do is pray that if I am not the mouthpiece the Lord needs for these families, then send the one that is - they are so perfect and the Church would make such a drastic change in their lives.

There's going to be a tropical storm here in Hawai'i these next couple of days.  Basically that just means that there's going to be a lot of rain.  So I'm not sure how much biking we're going to be able to do. Hopefully we will still be able to tract and teach.  

Well I'm going to now try to send some pictures.  I hope this computer works well and won't freak out.  

Love you so much  'Ofa Atu!

Elder Nitta

Water Lilly's, Sunset atop Hana, Me :)

Our area on Maui

View from


Maui, the area I serve

MTC Pictures

Finally, some pictures to share!

Hana, in Maui - with Pearce at the bottom (or side) of the waterfall.
 The View from Church

Remember the Bed Bugs on my first night in Maui?  I do...

 A beautiful sunrise

Monday, July 22, 2013

On the Island of Maui Five months! Beautiful!

Rananin! (Chukese today)  

This past week was pretty good.  It's been slowly getting better and better as time has gone on.  I feel like the work really slowed down when Elder Mitton left, but it's starting to pick up again.  We finally had 2 people at church (did I say 'finally')!  It's sad though because we have two other people that are set up with a date to be baptized, and they weren't there.  But I'm praying and hoping for some kind of success.  

Last week we had a mini missionary.  A kid from the Pukalani Ward here on Maui, came with us for 3 days and was a missionary.  Kinda prepping for his own mission.  It was fun.  I feel like I got to teach more about how to be a missionary, and that missionary work isn't just all knocking on doors, at least not here in Hawai'i.  I feel like I've been on this island for long enough though.  Been here almost 5 months now.  I feel like I'm ready to move on to teaching new people and helping to solve new concerns.  Well, I'm on to my last transfer here on Maui probably.  Five more weeks, then I'll be shipped somewhere else probably.  

I need to ask you to pray for our Zone. I feel like the zone I'm in has kinda gone downhill as far as work ethic in missionaries.  When I first got here every one worked and was obedient to the mission rules.  But over time, through the changing of mission leaders, people have relaxed (as far as how a missionary should act).  There's a fine line between having fun and being obedient.  It's just sad to see how this zone used to be filled with hard workers.  Now it's basically the missionaries that are about to go home and all the new missionaries that have been out for less than 6 months.  I feel that some of the missionaries don't set a great example.  Hopefully it will improve though.  

Well just about everyone here on the island of Maui has asked me to play the piano for one thing or another.  I just had to run to a baptism in Lahaina (on Saturday) to play for them.  Apparently there is no one there in the Ward that plays.  They were having a tourist play for their Sacrament these past few weeks!  Well I don't mind it, but sometimes I wish I could use my time more effectively.  

Well I love you lots.  I hope you are doing well, and working hard learning about missionary work. Thanks for being an amazing example and parent.  Hope Sister Nitta is doing well.  She hasn't emailed back yet. Hint Hint...

Elder Nitta

Monday, July 15, 2013


Iaorana! (Tahitian)

How's it going?  Great to hear from you.  This week was the last week we have before tansfers.  I'm staying with Elder Holyoak a little longer.  There's another missionary coming to Maui though that came out with me.  I'm super excited to see him, and see how he's doing.  With transfers, that also means that one of he Zone Leaders is leaving too.  He arrived here in Maui with me and I've been able to learn so much from him.  He's a great missionary.  Now he's going to be a ZL in Laie.  I hear that's really stressful for the ZL's because they have the Visitor Center Sister's (ha ha Chelsea).  I think a total of 30 something Sister's.

Well it's been nice to hear from Chelsea, sorry, 'Sister Nitta.'  She sounds like she's doing great.  I'm sure she will learn fast and adjust to being a great mssionary.  Writing to her has been fun.  We haven't been able to write that much so far, but it's good. 

Well, this week was a little bit better than last week.  It's still not quite running as well as I want it to.  I know I can't measure my success by the numbers that we get, but I want to be able to see a lot of people progress. 

Today for P Day, we went up to Haleakala, the top of the mountain.  Super pretty sunrise.  Then we ate as a zone (minus the two other islands (Moloka'i and Lana'i in our zone) at Denny's for breakfast.  It's been a relaxing day.  A day for naps too since we had to wake up at 2:45am. 

Great to hear from you.  Keep trudging on.  People notice your strength and you can be a help to those around you.  You have always been a great example to me. 

I think I can go to a Ross close by on the island to get some pairs of pants.  That's where one of the Elders got his pants for about $15.  The size that I got was 32 waist I think.  Maybe a 31?  I'll try here first though  The package you sent still hasn't gotten here.  Elder Holyoak just got a package from home and he said his mom sent it around the same time you sent mine.  Hopeflly I can get that soon. 

Well thank you for all you do.  Love you so much. 

Elder Nitta

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slow Week

Talofa! (Samoan)

So I read a talk on Jesus Christ the other day called, "None were with him."  It's good.  You should read it if you have time... or if you don't have time, still read it.  :)

So I'm doing all right on the bike.  Actually having had some of the crashes kinda ruined one of my pairs of pants.  And then 3 of the other pairs of pants that I came out with are kinda small.  Not that I'm growing or getting fat, they always were kinda tight.  And kinda short.... I make do though.  

You know there was a missionary in my area a little while ago that was biking.  He apparently hadn't had enough water to drink that day, and passed out and ran into a telephone pole.  Broke his wrist and went to the hospital.  Soooooo I'm trying to make sure to drink lots of water.  People are always giving us water and food too so that's good.  

So this week our area has been pretty slow.  We had barely any lessons, and no investigators at church.  It's frustrating sometimes to see when you're putting forth your effort, but people don't pull through.  I could work harder, strive to be a better missionary, but I feel that I am putting forth my effort.  Perhaps I need to humble myself here.  Well I know I can't measure success by numbers, but the numbers of this week were kinda dissappointing.  It's all good though.  I'm still plowing along doing work.  Trying to save some souls.

A fun little experience this week was when we went to a guys house that we had previously done service for.  He was definitely drunk and wanted to tell us his life story.  We said a prayer with him and told him we would come back later with his daughter (a member of the church).  She was kinda frustrated with him but it was just kinda funny.  And the people living there with him were making fun of him while we were trying to talk.  Oh well.  It's been all right though.  

Well I"m looking forward to this next week.  It's the last week of this transfer.  We went to Hana (opposite side of the island) today. Went on the hike that had the 400 foot waterfall at the end.  Fun stuff.  We got back really late though (like 6).  Hopefully there will be more to talk about next week.  

Love ya lots.  Nofa 'atu!

Elder Nitta

Monday, July 1, 2013

Work Smart, Not Hard!

Maloelele! (Tongan)
Great to hear you have had a wonderful week.  I have found that with sharing the gospel, the easiest way to share is to just start.  If you have the spirit with you, you don't need to worry about what to say.  It will come.  Just have the courage to speak.  I know that you know the gospel well.  The Holy Ghost can help you tell it to others.
I feel like I'm not working smart just hard.  (Gabel would always tell us to work smart, not hard)  I am exhausted each day and I feel that a lot of times we aren't as productive as we could have been.  I guess that comes with just knowing how to do missionary work.  I keep telling myself to learn something new every day until I go home. 
Well we have been struggling getting people to church.  I don't really know what to do with some people.  The solid ones can't meet too often, and the ones we work with all the time are really flakey on commitments.  It's just frstrating sometimes.  I wish I could work more effectively and know how to get more people to commit to things. 
We also just got our new Mission President, President Warner, yesterday.  I haven't met him yet of course.  That's part of the trouble of being stuck on an island.  I think it's funny how we can easily fly to our next area and we have to live out of suitcases under 50 pounds.  haha  The new President should be coming around to all the islands soon though. 
Nothing really new to report with our investigators - not enough is happening.  We were pushing one girl to get baptized by the end of last month, but it didn't go through.  We had a goal as a mission to reach 200 total baptisms for the month of June.  I'm not sure if we hit it or not though...  I was just hoping to contribute with that one girl. 
Well for today's p-day I think we're going to Lahaina to play glow in the dark mini golf.  Should be fun.  Tell Gavin not to get married yet.  I'm glad that Chelsea seems really happy from the 2 sentence emails I got from her when she was in the MTC.  Hopefully she'll email soon. Hint Hint...
Well Nofa 'atu (I love you in Tongan)  Hope all is well Momma!
Elder Nitta