Monday, June 24, 2013


Kasalelie! (Pohnpeian)
It's crazy how life works out with all these "coincidences."  I am trully under the impression that there are no coincidences, and only God watching over us. I would have loved to have met with President Stringham. I'm sure he loved Dad. 
This week was a good one.  We committed 5 people to be baptized.  Of course none of them showed up to church.... keep hope alive.  We've found a few people that are pretty cool and good potentials for baptism, so hopefully they will go through.  We had a baptism on Saturday with a little girl we were teaching.  She's 8 so it doesn't count for our baptisms, but it was so great.  The mom is less active so we have been working to strengthen the whole family.  We really want to work to help make the whole family active and not just the girl.  That's probably what we're going to focus on now. 
Well, I feel like I have an official calling in the ward playing the organ in sacrament.  I love how they don't tell me what we're playing until the 'day of' sometimes haha.  I definitely cannot sight read hymns on the organ nearly as easy as I can on the piano... But I've got lots of practice and it will be good for me.  That and I've gotten to play 'Aloha Oe' a lot as well for people leaving.  One of our favorite families in the ward are leaving now.  It's super sad becase they're one of the nicest families in the ward.  They're going to live in Arizona.  Hotness! Ugh.
I can't really say that there has been a lot of significant things happen this week.  Still chugging along.  The new Elder is working hard and learning fast.  He motivates me to work hard as well and to talk with anybody I can find. 
Well I love you lots.  You're the best mom a kid like me could ask for.  Let me know if I can do anything for you.  :)
Elder Nitta

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