Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 10, 2013

Aloha Momma,

This week has been fun/hard.  My new missionary companion, Elder Holyoak, is great.  He works hard and teaches well.  It's crazy to look at him and see how much I have been able to grow in the past few months.  It seems as if I was at one point sitting there not really talking and hoping that I could think of somthing to input when teaching lessons.  Now I'm the one that gets to direct where the whole conversations are going.  It's great. It's hard.  And an awesome learing expeience if anything.  I hope that I will be able to be a good example in all I do.  I want him to work hard even when he has a new companion that isn't as motivated when I won't be here.

I have learned the blessings of working hard, being diligent and obedient.  When I first arrived, Elder Mitton and I had nothing to work with.  But with effort and blessings, we saw baptisms through it.  More than anything, I want to be obedient and set a good example to the members and my companions.

Two more Missionaries were sent to this area.  They are in our Ward, but live elsewhere,  we just have a small one room apartment in the back of a member's home that only accommodates Elder Holyoak and I.

So we are working a lot through members to find new investigators.  It's been kinda hard so far, but it'll be worth it in the end.  The members here are terrific.  They are so humbled and so willing to help the missionary work progress.  We are blessed for sure.  Makes me feel guilty that I didn't help the missionaries when I was home...  The members are a true link in helping the work further along.

Tell Chels good luck.  Or sorry, Sister Nitta. (Ha ha )I know she's going to be great and going to work hard.  She's always been a great example to me growing up.  We're all trying to make you proud I suppose.  Just know that she's doing something great and you shouldn't have to miss her, just like you shouldn't miss me.  We'll be back eventually :)

So this week has been fun.  It's been rough sometimes with a lot of apointments cancelling on us, but I feel that we are making 'little' progress.  I hope that that this progress, albeit small, can bring forth fruits of baptism soon though! I'm going to work hard to do all I can to further this work while I am here in Wailuku.  And I hope the influence of the Gospel we have taught here can continue long after I am gone.  I want to be able to help and I want to be the best I can, especially to those who look up to me for guidance. 

Love ya lots!

Elder Nitta
Maui No Ka Oi
Pictures are from our Zone Conference (I need a haircut-Cousin Heather fly over here!)

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