Monday, June 3, 2013

Hawaiian's Sing The Best!

Dear Family,
A lot has happened this last week.  Not a lot of Hawaiians play piano here, and they don't necessarily sing that much.  Yes, the Tongans sing, but it's all 'a capella.'  They don't like the piano for some reason. And it's been my experience that they are better than anything I've heard - they can harmonize like none other momma.
We had 2 baptisms this last week.  One 18 year old young man whom we hope to get on a mission, and another man in his 30s.  We are hoping to be able to work with the children of the other man - he has 3 children over 8 years old.... So hopefully we'll be able to do that.  
This is my last week with Elder Mitton.  He leaves on Wednesday, and I won't see my new companion until later that night.  I'm going to train him.  There are a lot of new missionaries coming out around this time.  We expect around 70 new missionaries in the next 2 transfers.  So I get this new Elder.  I think his name is Holyoak?  I don't really know....  But it'll be a great learning experience.
I was also informed that they are splitting our area.  So I am going to be the one missionary that will know this area of the 3 new ones that are coming in.  I'm told I have the responsibility to show around all the new missionaries and introduce them to all their investigators.  Should be fun.  Hopefully I'll know what I'll be doing. Just saying...  
Today for P-Day we went to Kahakuloa, a small little village on the northern most part of Maui.  We spent some time with a family and went and looked at some taro patches.  It's so beautiful with all the nature and the greenery.  We got to take a lot of pictures down on the beach area.  No I didn't touch the sand.
We have a goal as a mission to reach 200 baptisms in the month of June.  We have so far been consistent with hitting around 100 or so.  The highest the mission ever got was in the 150s I think.  So as president Dalton's last month here, he wants to see this mission be able to reach his goal that he set.  When he first got here, he set the goal of 100 and now we're going for 200.  
Well, we don't have many solid people we're teaching.  The next real baptism we have scheduled is in July.  The one we had in June dropped.  They don't want to get married until later this year.  We will just have to buckle down and find new people is all.

Well sorry I gotta go.  We had a long day and we have a lesson in about a half hour.  Love ya lots
Elder Nitta

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