Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend

Hey Mom!
So today's P Day was taking it easy.  No big trip for the zone to go on together.  We did wake up early and went to work out with a MMA fighter at a stadium.  We just ran up and down stairs the whole time.  He wants me to show him some sprinting work outs.  I'm not exactly sure if I can remember a lot though.  But we're planning on working out with him three times a week.  He is less active and his wife is not a member so we hope that something will come out of it.
Conference was pretty awesome.  I especially enjoyed Elder Holland and both of Elder Uchtdorf's talks.  I feel like I'm slightly biased because I always like them.  But I feel that conference and being able to here from general authorities has come to mean a lot more while I've been out here.  Teaching people about the restored church and how there are actually prophets today just makes it so much more real. 
I've heard that the FLDS church, the branch off of the church, got rid of their prophet and put in a female prophet.  I could easily understand it in that church but I find it hard o believe at any LDS members would fight that.  Especially those who have gone trough the temple.  I don't think the prophet would change the policy that has always been in place.  And if members have a problem with women not in the priesthood, that's just sad.  
I know it's been tough for you.  I pray for the family and their comfort and for you.  I don't really talk to a lot of people about Dad necessarily.  It only comes up when I'm asked about it specifically.  But it's hard sometimes just hearing other people talk about their family at home.  But I'm here in Hawaii now and I will use that as my strength while I teach.  I have become grateful for the trials that I've been given.
Tell Chels to settle down, and then tell her to not open the papers for three or four days once she gets them (That's what she made me do (:) But that's great.  Tell me when she hears the news!  And that's just weird to hear that the boys are dating... But oh well, I might find new members of the family when I get home.  And I really hope that Gavin gets that job.  All my teachers in the MTC loved their jobs and I'm sure he will too. 
Well I love ya, gotta go now.  Thanks for emailing!
Elder Nitta

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